Meet the Factor O2

Clean design

As light as it is responsive. Everything you want in a premium road bike.


Think back on the qualities you’ve most admired in the bikes you’ve ridden. If you’re anything like us, that list includes rock-solid handling at speed, confidence in corners, comfort over those roughest roads, stiffness as you gut out a sprint and a fit that didn’t require a million spacers or a custom stem.

The people responsible for how the O2 rides all raced at the ProTour level. This is the bike they wish they had when they were racing. We know first-hand how important solid handling is. We also know that a bike can be too stiff and what that will do to a body when you’re racing for five or six hours a day for days on end.


Another significant difference between this O2 and the bikes our ex-pros rode is the inclusion of disc brakes. Once you’ve had a chance to ride disc brakes and enter a mountain switchback with the hot speed of a go-kart on a race track and enjoyed the incredible stopping power and precise control that disc brakes offer, going back to rim calipers feels like putting down tube shifters back on the bike. This is the version of the O2 our own staff prefer.


Our Chassis is frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, bar, stem or integrated barstem and seatpost. We do this rather than offer just a frame and fork because we have engineered our chassis to work together as a system. When we talk about balance, we’re talking about our obsessive attention to ride quality. Anyone can make a stiff bike or a light bike. We have created a bike that is light, stiff and rides unlike anything else you’ve encountered. That feel depends on using a bar, stem or integrated barstem and seatpost designed specifically for that bike.


The Rolling Chassis adds wheels to our Chassis of frame, headset, bottom bracket, fork, bar, stem or integrated barstem and seatpost. We have engineered our Black Inc wheels to be the best possible wheel to work with our bikes. There may be faster wheels in the wind tunnel, but aerodynamics is more than a wheel on its own. A bike is a system and what wheel and tire you choose can change a bike’s aerodynamics significantly. Our frames perform better when paired with our Black Inc wheels, and similarly, our Black Inc wheels perform best when paired with our frames.


Naturally, we offer complete bikes, but you’ll notice that we offer them with only two groups. We offer Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and SRAM Red eTAP for our bikes because after riding all the groups and examining performance, pricing and availability, we concluded that Dura-Ace Di2 and Red eTAP offer the very best outcome for our bikes.


A bike that can dance up the mountains, descend like a demon, and sprint against the entire peloton.


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