Sep 16, 2021

A Fresh Look for the O2 VAM

Factor Graphic Designer and Creative Director, Jay Gundzik has recently been putting his skills to the test, creating Factor’s latest O2 VAM designs: Ornate Nero and Ornate Azure.

Gundzik has been a pivotal part of the Factor team since mid 2020, coming on board with over 25 years of experience in the creative industry. As a former BMXer and avid CAT 2 crit racer, his step into the cycling industry was destined to happen. His first project with Factor was working alongside company owner, Rob Gitelis, to name and design the OSTRO VAM.

Gundzik’s most recent work brings a whole new unique spin to the O2 VAM, with a meaningful story behind the fresh Ornate design. Here, Jay shares the inspiration behind it…

words by jay gundzik

“The design inspiration for the O2 VAM Ornate design comes from the Asian-influenced chinoiserie style of major motifs and intricate patterns.

The O2 VAM’s visual design draws direct influence from porcelain and ceramics that are perhaps the most significant elements of chinoiserie, due to the profound skill and technique required to create them. We used these extremely intricate patterns to create a sense texture on the O2 VAM framesets. Adding interest and attention to what is typically viewed as a flat surface.

This mono colour design also allows Factor to keep the weight down (limited painting) while still maintaining a highly visual presentation. The colours that were chosen represent the colours most common with porcelain and ceramic chinoiserie decorative design. They mimic the materials and craftsmanship used by master artisans.

Because of its roots in European design, chinoiserie lends itself beautifully to modern cycling design, engineering and aesthetics.

The name Ornate is simply a reflection of the intricate and ornate pattern design used throughout the surface graphics of the bike.”

o2 vam ornate


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