Manufacturing Standards


Producing carbon fibre bikes comes with certain realities. If you want to make thousands and thousands of copies of a frame, you need a large number of reasonably well-trained staff and more generously cut sheets of carbon fibre that allow for a noticeable margin of error. That extra carbon fibre does nothing to increase the ride quality, reduce the weight or improve stiffness in any meaningful way. What it does do is allow workers to work faster, with less precision and still produce a reliable frame.

That’s not what we do at Factor.

Our purpose is to pursue unparalleled excellence. There will only be one version of the One, of the O2 or of the Slick. We don’t offer a less expensive version of our frames made with more layers of cheaper fiber. That’s simply not what we are about.

Each of our frames is our best effort at producing a bike in that category. The One, the O2 and the Slick each use the most advanced manufacturing techniques employed in the creation of carbon fibre bikes.

We cut our sheets of carbon fibre with incredible precision. We believe the waste should be in the garbage can, not bunched up inside the frame. We believe that if your staff is highly trained and given the time to do their jobs to the best of their ability, you don’t need to build a bike to exceed your testing by 150 percent. Building a frame that exceeds a testing standard by so much suggests that you don’t have sufficient control over your processes.

Similarly, we think Quality Control (QC) is a mistake. It means you’re catching an error too far downstream. Our reputation as a factory was cemented because we gear all of our production to tightly controlled processes that are the same in the morning as they are in the afternoon, so that Monday morning’s bike is the same as Friday afternoon’s bike.

We don’t need to make the most bikes. We want to make bikes for a discerning cyclist who seeks the best possible experience. We’d rather make fewer bikes and keep our standards intact  than sacrifice quality to become a household name.

We’ve been involved in many of the world’s finest bikes. We know how a great bike rides. Factor is the culmination of all of our lessons in how to produce the best possible carbon fibre bike.