Our Factory


Because we own the factory, we aren’t confronted with the issue of asking our contractor to step outside of their comfort zone. We choose which fibres are best for our bikes, which resins will hold those fibres together and which construction techniques are most appropriate at each location of the frame and fork.

We exercise unlimited control over our bikes. While other companies are still trying to figure out how to produce a stiff and reliable 800 gram frame, we’re onto the next challenge—making sure that bike has the right balance of stiffness so that it gives every rider the feeling of riding something organic, that rare quality we like to call“lively.”

We are free to experiment with new ideas and because our ability to move from drawing board to prototype to production model is unmatched in the industry, we can innovate on in fresh ways, like our Twin Vane down tube on the One. We created that not as a means to improve aerodynamics, but as a way to restore stiffness and ride quality to an aerodynamic design. Why create an aerodynamic road bike that is no fun to ride?