Our Standards

Convention and status quo are not in our wheelhouse. Our DNA as a company is in our standards and you’ll find our ethos ringing through every detail of our work, starting with manufacturing standards.


Producing carbon fibre bikes comes with certain realities. If you want to make thousands of copies of a frame, you need a large number of well-trained staff and more generously cut sheets of carbon fibre to allow for a noticeable margin of error. That extra carbon fibre does nothing to increase the ride quality, reduce the weight or improve stiffness in any meaningful way. What it does do is allow workers to work faster, with less precision and still produce a reliable frame.

That’s not what we do at Factor.

Our purpose is to pursue unparalleled excellence. We don’t offer a less expensive version of our frames made with more layers of cheaper fiber. We make the best version of each bike we can, because to compromise is simply not the Factor way.

We cut our sheets of carbon fibre with incredible precision. Waste belongs in the trash bin, not bunched up inside the frame. We believe if our artisans working at the Factor Carbon Lab are highly trained and given the time to do their jobs to the best of their ability, then you don’t need to build a bike to exceed testing by 150 percent. Building a frame to exceed a testing standard by that degree suggests insufficient control over both design and process.

We think Quality Control (QC) is a mistake. It means you’re catching an error too far downstream. Our reputation as a factory is cemented in tightly controlled processes. All Factor bikes feature master craftsmanship, the very finest materials, innovative engineering and manufacturing processes. These elements are woven throughout each bike’s DNA and then brought together with the highest possible standard of finishing and attention to detail in our wholly-owned factory. This, together with decades of cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing expertise, affords us total control of our frames: from concept to design, to testing and production and beyond, we refuse to compromise at any point in our pursuit of aerodynamic and aesthetic perfection and unrivalled, innovative performance.

Our Heritage

Our soul lives in the union of technology and integration, while your heritage stems from advanced motorsport and aviation.

Our Factory

Because we own our own factory, we exercise complete control over our bikes. We’re free to experiment. Constantly innovate. And tell convention be damned.

Our Craft

All Factor bikes feature master craftsmanship, the very finest materials, innovative engineering and manufacturing processes.

Our Team

To some, our name may be new. But our work isn’t. Some of the world’s most sought-after bikes are the products of our engineers and craftsmen.

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