American Triathlete, Katie Zaferes, partners with Factor for 2017

Factor Bikes is proud to announce a new partnership for 2017 with Rio Olympic Triathlete, Katie Zaferes.

The 27-year-old represented the United States of America at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last September. Katie cemented her mark on the sport in 2016 with her first win at an ITU World Triathlon Series in Hamburg and has finished fourth and fifth in the series rankings in 2016 and 2015 respectively.

This year, Katie will be targeting the ITU World Triathlon Series once again with her eye on the series finale, which will be hosted by Rotterdam, The Netherlands in September. Leading up to the final, Katie’s big goal is to finish the series on the podium.

Katie will initially be racing on a Factor O2

“My initial thoughts riding my Factor O2 is how smooth and quiet of a ride it is. It handles really nicely in and out of corners and I was comfortable on it from the first ride,” Katie explained after her first couple of training rides on the bike, “I love the look of it too, it’s super sleek. The bike is really light but that doesn’t take away from the power transfer. I just love the confidence that I feel while riding it.”

Baden Cooke, Co-Owner of Factor Bikes, first noticed Katie while watching the ITU Hamburg on television last year and witnessing her impressive victory.

“When the opportunity arose to partner with her for the 2017 season we jumped at it,” Baden said, “I hope that Katie can build on her 2016 success to possibly stand on the podium at the end of the 2017 ITU season.”

As well as a focus on the ITU World Triathlon Series, Katie is also hoping to test herself at non-draft races with the possibility of competing in 70.3 Ironman events throughout the year.

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