Factor Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering. We refuse to compromise at any point in our pursuit of aerodynamic and aesthetic perfection and unrivalled, innovative performance.

We’re cyclists. Every day we come to work inspired to create and build the best bicycles in the world. We strive for excellence, simple because an excellent bike is the one we want to ride. We accept no compromises.

Our Heritage

We were created from an obsession with technology and integration. This obsession was applied with advanced motorsport expertise and the no-compromise approach of Factor Bikes was born.

Our Factory

We are one of only a handful of companies which owns and operate the factory where their frames are produced. this allows us to exercise complete control over our bikes. We are free to experiment and constantly innovate.

Our Craft

What seperates Factor from most brands is our commitment to manfucturing excellence. Many of the innovations we are able to achieve come from the time and attention to detail we commit to in manufacturing.

Our Team

While our brand is relatively young our experience in carbon frame production isn’t. Our expert team have a long history of manufacturing for other brands. We now bring that experise to only producing your Factor bike.


In 2007 Factor Bikes was born in an industrial unit in Norfolk, England. Originally an offshoot of bf1systems, Factor began as a leading engineering firm dedicated to working at the highest levels of design with some of the fastest, most prestigious brands in the world including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati and many F1, Moto GP, and WRC teams. 


Because we own our factory, we aren’t confronted with the issue of asking our contractor to step outside of their comfort zone. We choose which fibres are best for our bikes, which resins will hold those fibres together and which construction techniques are most appropriate at each location of the frame and fork.

We exercise unlimited control over our bikes. We’re free to experiment with new ideas because our ability to move from drawing board to prototype with ease and control. We can innovate in fresh ways consistently.

While other companies have yet to unravel the mystery of producing a stiff and reliable 800 gram frame, we’re onto the next challenge. Each of our frames represents our best effort at producing a bike in that category. The One, the O2, Vista, the Slick and now the VAM each use the most advanced manufacturing techniques employed in the creation of carbon fibre bikes. 

We don’t offer a less expensive version of our frames made with more layers of cheaper fiber. To compromise is simply not the Factor way.

We don’t need to make the most bikes. We want to make bikes for discerning cyclists seeking the best of all possible experiences. We’d rather make fewer bikes and keep our standards intact than sacrifice quality to become a household name.
After concluding his cycling career, Rob Gitelis relocated to Taiwan in 1996 to enter the carbon fibre industry and is regarded as one of the founders of carbon composite bikes in Asia. Rob has designed, engineered and produced many Ironman and Tour de France winning bikes over the years, one year having as many as five bikes represented in the Tour de France. There have been many changes in carbon fibre bikes over the past 20 years, and Rob has been the author of a great many of those innovations. Rob is the driving force and the engineering prowess of Factor. 

Baden Cooke raced in the professional peloton for 14 years before retiring after the 2013 Vuelta a España. Baden’s decorated career includes a stage win and overall Green Jersey in the 2003 Tour de France. Baden represented Australia at the Athens Olympics and raced in Europe for top teams such as FDJ, Saxo Bank and Orica-GreenEDGE. Baden brings years of professional racing experience to Factor Bikes, and serves as our hands-on test pilot every new model to ensure that handling and performance are of the highest quality.