Looking to order your Factor and wondering what the process for purchasing is? Never fear, we’ll step you through the process to ensure you not only get the right bike but that you get the correct size frame and components.


Our Australian Presence

When you purchase from us, we believe that not only should you get the right product in the right size but that the experience should be as personable and trouble-free as possible. Factor Bikes Australia maintains a holding of stock in Australia and every element of your purchase is processed in our Melbourne headquarters. Our sales, technical and fitting staff are all in the one location to ensure that your order is processed as efficiently as possible. This also allows us to turnaroud complete bike builds in 1-2 business days and have it to you in as little as 3-4 business days from ordering.

All our bikes are custom built at our Melbourne headquarters from the frameset. This allows us ensure component and colour choices are yours alone. Additionally it allows us to further enchance your fit with the correct choices for your needs.


Your Bike Should Fit You

Getting the right frame size and fit of your new bike is critical and where we start your ordering process. We do not believe that you can choose a bike from a website drop-down menu and be confident of getting a bike that fits you. You deserve better than that when buying a high-performance product. As a result, we recommends revisiting your bike fit before purchasing a new bike. You can do that with us or your preferred fitter. We can work directly with your fitter or you can simply send us your fit data.

If possible we always encourage riders to visit our Melbounre headquarters to meet with our fitter and be measured for their new bike. This service is offered at no charge.


Your Bike. Your Colours. Your Spec.

From here, we will be in contact to discuss the details of your build. Your Factor will be built up from a bare frameset so we are uniquely positioned to customise your bike to your desire and fit requirements. We also offer custom paint options straight out of the factory so your Factor can be as unique as you want it.

Once ready for shipping your bike will be delivered to you in one of our custom bike boxes. We ship your bike completely built, only removoing the front wheel. No refitting of stems or components or even turning the handlebars is required. Put the front wheel in and ride!

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