PRISMA STUDIO is FACTOR’s custom paint program.

It offers you the possibility to choose different artwork, finishes and paint colors to build a unique frameset. Using the 3D viewer you can rotate the frameset to see your configuration options from every angle and zoom in and out before you decide. 

Start by rotating the frameset in the 3D viewer and click on the dashboard on the left side to easily select the desired artwork style, finishes and colors for the frame and the logos. When you are happy with your selection, please click on “Submit Enquiry”, which simply sends us your selected configuration (this does not commit you to an order). We will will contact you promptly with more details such as final pricing and lead time, so that you can decide to go ahead and order or think about it a little more.

You can also share your selected design (in Facebook and Instagram) or print (PDF file) by clicking on “Share” and “Print” buttons.

All our framesets are masterfully hand painted with the highest quality paints available. We offer framesets painted in matte, gloss and metallic finish. Each color and design has been carefully developed to the same high manufacturing standards as our frames. 

Looking for design not available here? Contact us direct to discuss your dream Factor frame. If you can imagine it we can usually paint it.

Contact us at with enquiries and questions.

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