BERU Factor 001: Formula 1 engineers create a bicycle

Jan 2, 2016

Ever wonder what F1 engineers could make if they didn’t have to comply with the regulations governing the sport? Well, here you just might have your answer. Only it’s not a car, it’s a bicycle.

The product of British engineering firm BERU F1 Systems, the Factor 001 very well might be the pinnacle of road bikes. Without having to comply to the regulations of any particular cycling series, BERU was able to start from scratch and design the bike the way they best saw fit. The carbon fiber monocoque frame is painstakingly built according to the customer’s specifications and measurements and features carbon-ceramic brakes and an LCD touch-screen that displays biometrics and various other readings.

BERU will only produce a few hundred examples of the Factor 001, which may come down more to the time factor: each example takes six engineers a week to build. Currently on display at London’s Science Museum and at Harrod’s department store, prices – are you ready for this? – start at a whopping £22,000. That’s about $34 grand in American greenbacks, in case you weren’t cringing enough already. Details in the press release after the jump.

This article originally appeared on AutoBlog

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