Factor 001 F1 Inspired Bicycle Available for Order

Article by Daniel Patrascu

BERU f1systems announced the final version of the Factor 001 bicycle will be shown in March, at London’s Science Museum as part of “Fast Forward, 20 ways F1 is changing our world”.

Unlike the first show bike, the frame structure has evolved considerably, but retained the stiffness and lightweight goals the company set for its product. Modifications to the new version also consisted in completing powertrain and braking systems, as well as redesigning the wheels.

The wheels are now of a true monocoque construction, with a Rohacell core to provide rigidity based on a narrower than standard profile. BERU f1systems is undergoing testing to determine the composites ride quality.

Unlike conventional bicycles, the Factor 001 has been designed from the ground up as an integrated device. The bicycle is packed with multi channel ergonometric data system, which allows it to correlate biometric data, physical force data and even environmental information.

This article originally appeared on AutoEvolution

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