Factor 001: Formula 1 Instrumented Racing Bike

Dec 30, 2015

We’re increasingly seeing companies specializing in motor vehicle systems enter the cycling industry. One of the obvious perks of this trend is that some fresh ideas are being dragged along into the cycling scene! Only a few weeks back, I had posted in depth about an ex-McLaren engineer’s ‘Thixomolded’ magnesium folding bike. That is a world’s first. Click here to read if you missed it.

What is making wild news at the moment is the Factor 001 bike designed by one of the suppliers of racing systems to the motorsport world, UK based Beru f1 Systems. Beru specializes in advanced design and manufacturing facilites for vehicle wiring harnesses, tyre pressure monitoring systems, stress measurement and load cells, with electronics and composites also as part of their business.

The bike is to be displayed at the Science Museum in London. See here. New photos of the bike will be released soon. Blogs and websites are calling it the “Most Advanced Bicycle In The World”. I can’t blame them at this point, since here are some of the highlights of the design :

  • Multi-channel Electronics Package : Provides unique ergonometric data collection (science of human-machine interaction optimization), logging and analysis capabilities which can correlate biometric data from the rider. It also measures physical force data from the bike and environmental data. All this has been supposedly developed with feedback from professional athletes.
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes : I quote them as saying that this affords “exact braking performance at any temperature”.
  • Fully Integrated Structure : Using BERU f1systems’ Wire-in-Composite patented technology; load sensors, wiring, batteries, sensors, control cables and lines for the hydraulic braking system are all fully integrated into the composite during construction, to give a clean, uncluttered appearance to the bike.
  • Heart rate, GPS coordinates and torsional stresses on the frame among other data are displayed on a touchscreen panel built into the handlebars.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Monocoque Composite Wheels : 8-spoke monocoque composite wheels deliver high lateral stiffness and robustness, for, I quote them – “everyday use”.
  • Made To Measure Frame : Bespoke made-to-measure frame (to within 1mm). Twin-spar frame reduces sideways frame flex and preserves rider comfort. Complete bike will weigh in under 7kg.
  • All In-House Manufacturing : Almost all original parts and key components are designed and manufactured in-house from Formula One-grade materials.

Article originally published on Cozy Beehive

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