Factor 001 Road Bike on Sale for $36,000

Factor 001 Road Bike on Sale for $36,000

Article by Tyler Benedict

The Beru f1Systems Factor001 road bike is finally ready for retail. Of course, not too many LBS’ (Local Bike Shops) are going to carry a $36,000 bicycle, so you’ll have to contact Harrods to order one (it’s not on their website yet).

Beru f1Systems says the design for the Factor001 was finalized in November after several years in development. Over that period, the bike took on several different tube shapes (top tube went from square to a slimmer ovoid shape), and they incorporated a custom Shimano Di2 set up (carbon fiber battery cage! Solid state switches replace shifters!) and the brakes now start with standard steel rotors. Originally (prototype shown after the break), the brake rotors were full carbon, both spider and contact area, and that’s still an upgrade option. Beru says they’re the ultimate brakes for dry weather, but for any wet conditions, you’d want to put the steel rotors back on.

The Factor001 starts at $36,000 USD and includes a full custom fitting session before your bike is even made. Using the Serotta Cycling Institute fit system, they’ll analyze your physiology, fitness and technique, then build the bike to suit you. The electronics built into the bike (details in this post) relay information to you to optimize your training, and Beru customizes those to deliver the right information based on your needs.

Order now and you can expect shipment in February 2010. If you want to fully customize the electronics…and why wouldn’t you?…it’ll push delivery back to April.

Article originally published on Bike Rumor

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