Jake Birtwhistle


Nickname: Jake (real name is Jacob), Snake, Whistle, Burt

Resides: Launceston (AUS), Wollongong (AUS), Vitoria-Gasteiz (ESP)

Bike: Factor O2, Factor ONE

Top Results: 2015 U23 World Champion, 2nd World Tri Series Hamburg

First Entered Triathlon: I was 12 before I finally was able to convince my parents to let me do a triathlon. It was a local ‘ultra-sprint’ event, and a few days before it got canceled. I then managed to enter a super sprint (which was 2-3X the distances) event a few days later. I think I was pretty average, but I had fun.

Favourite Training Ride: One ride that is really memorable to me was a ride in Stockholm. I had a few hours before my flight back to Spain so I went for a ride, and I got so lost and for some reason it was just amazing. I had just received my first Factor, the O2, the week beforehand and it was my first ride where I was truly at one with the bike. We rode easy, we were pushed to near our limits, through the center of the city and out of the way on some soft gravel trails, the ride just had everything. It still reminds me of why I love what I do.

Favourite Race: The U23 World Championships in 2015. Through that entire race I felt I was in complete control, and now I will be a World U23 Champ for the rest of my life which is pretty cool.

Favourite Food: A burrito, or tacos… or both

Favourite Drink: Coca-Cola

Favourite Music: Hip Hop. I love music, finding an artist and going all the way through their discography is the best way to listen.

Biggest Ambition: Win Olympic Gold.

Bucket List Items: Design and build my dream house.