Matt Baker


Nickname: It’s up to the individual, really. I’ll respond to anything close enough to Matt or Baker.

Resides: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: Factor O2

Top Results: 2016 ITU Chengdu World Cup – 4th, 2016 ITU Miyazaki World Cup – 15th

First Entered Triathlon: 2007

Favourite Training Ride: Carr. Mare de Deu del Mont, Spain

Favourite Race: Embrun, France (because of the bike course)

Favourite Food: There is something seriously satisfying about a pre-race barbecue chicken pizza. Without onion!

Favourite Drink: Coconut Water

Favourite Music: 80’s/90’s/00’s Hip Hop/R&B/Rap

Biggest Ambition: Medal at Tokyo

Bucket List Items: Go to Norway, Be rich af, Own a Subaru WRX STi Hatch, Own a Factor Slick TT bike, Have an apartment in Melbourne and Spain, Be an ace coach