Factor Bikes Supports InstaFund LaPrima

Jan 9, 2020
Factor Bikes is pleased to announce the sponsorship and support of the UCI Women’s Continental team, Instafund La Prima. Building from their successful inaugural season, Instafund La Prima continues into 2020 as Canada’s only registered UCI Continental Team.

The team is led by dual-sport athlete Isabella Bertold, whose resume includes a first-place finish at British Columbia’s Time Trial Championship along with a celebrated career in sailing where she once held the world’s #2 ranking and was lauded as Sail Canada’s 2013 Female Athlete of the Year. 

As the only registered Canadian women’s UCI team, the team’s focus centers on rider development opportunities and a subsequent jump to the World Tour.

“It’s incredibly important for our team to be regarded as the place for riders looking for the opportunity to develop at the UCI Continental level, while also pursuing their education or career,” says President of InstaFund, Adam Korbin, “We want to do our part and contribute to placing more female Canadian riders in the WorldTour.”

New to the team this year are Rachel Langdon and Gillian Ellsay. Langdon won the VF Corporation’s “Most Badass” jersey at the Colorado Classic in 2019, while Ellsay represented Canada at the World Championships in both the Time Trial and Road Race.

Debuting at the Joe Martin Stage Race in April, Instafund La Prima will predominately ride Factor’s O2 chassis during the 2020 season, along with the company’s SLiCK and VISTA platforms.

“We’re committed to supporting cyclists who aren’t just spectacular athletes on the bike, but who also have an impact beyond it,” offers Factor Bikes NA/SA General Manager Jay Thomas. “Instafund’s program is structured to support their local community and advocate for important causes all while racing at the professional level. At Factor, we believe that supporting partners like Instafund is vital to the future of our sport.”

To follow InstaFund La Prima’s season, please join them on Instagram and Facebook.

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