Factor ViSTA – Epic Rides 24Hop

Feb 27, 2020

Defying limitations and earning respect as an ever capable bike, Factor Ambassador TJ Eisenhart rode his ViSTA at Epic Rides 24 HOP, where others only dared with mountain bikes. 

Epic Rides 24HOP is a single-track event held in Tucson, Arizona. For those that haven’t heard of it, it’s an epic mountain bike race and spectacle which is held in the Sonoran Desert.

Amongst the packed field of mountain bikes, TJ Eisenhart turned heads as he took on the challenge riding his Factor ViSTA.

Both the rider and bike rose to the challenge and defied convention. Whilst the ViSTA’s participation in the race was a surprise to most, those who have ridden the ViSTA will be aware of what it is truly capable of.

Eisenhart said: “The Vista handled amazingly. The bike’s in a category of its own and it rides how you ride, which I love.”

“You have to ride it, you can’t sit back and just roll your fat tires and soft suspension over everything. It keeps you thinking and searching for the best line. Staying alert and alive, finding that balance of focus while pushing your body.

“I love that challenge. When it came to the uphill section it was flawless. I loved how you could just throw down the power and it just rolled it up.”

TJ Eisenhart and Andrew Dahlheim (pictured below) are the duo behind the new gravel team, Imaginary Collective. Their philosophy is to choose happiness, love, self-expression, and sponsors who support their individuality and dreams over feeling boxed in by team-dictated products, messaging, and projects.

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