Factor x attaquer

'Give em Hell' Special Edition O2 VAM

Limited edition ‘Give em Hell’ collaboration edition of the O2 VAM, created with Attaquer.

Designed in partnership with the team at Australian based brand, Attaquer. The tie-dye twist on the classic ‘Give Em Hell’ kit from Attaquer has been designed especially for Factor on the naked carbon base of the O2 VAM. The bike design will be partnered by a new limited edition cycling kit available from Attaquer.

Brilliantly Engineered

Factor’s O2 VAM is the new benchmark for ultralight performance and the ultimate expression of Factor’s design and manufacturing expertise. This edition is available as both a frameset and complete bike with the latter being sold with Black Inc wheels, choice of SRAM or Shimano groupset, CeramicSpeed BB and Headset in a choice of disc or rim brakes.

An industry first, VAM incorporates Boron within the seat tube. This allows a reduction in weight while adding both stability and strength. The resulting structural integrity is combined with a meticulously designed BB junction, providing instantaneous power transfer and in essence, serves as the beating heart of the O2 VAM.


Attaquer is the French word for “to attack”, which we reckon is perfect for a company that lives and breathes cycling. When the French pronounce it, it sounds like ‘attacke’ or ‘attak’. We tend to pronounce our moniker ‘Attaker’ or ‘Attacker’. However you pronounce it, Attaquer exists to provide you with premium cycling clothing that will help you stand out in the pack. When we’re riding our bikes, we are our alter egos.

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