Can I order online?

Yes, all bikes and framesets are available to order online, directly from Factor. For more information on the process visit here.

What is the cost of delivery?

We are pleased to offer free worldwide shipping on framesets and complete bikes ordered online.

What is the current lead time?

Lead times can vary depending on the availability of your chosen bike/set up and some models will be available to ship straight away. We recommend submitting your requirements on a Bike Build form here and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm lead times.

How do I know what size to order?

Getting a bike that fits is an important part of your enjoyment of cycling and Factor is committed to getting this right. Instead of relying on a one or two measurements to give you a guide, we ask you to fill in your details on our comprehensive Size Guide to help our expert bike fitters determine the size of your bike and components.  View our size guide here.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping time is 3-5 working days, subject to items being in stock.

What company do you ship with?

Factor will ship using DHL secure shipping. Our sales staff will confirm the tracking number when an order has shipped.

How can I pay without a Paypal account?

PayPal offers a credit card option which means you don’t need an account to make a payment.

Can I order a bike with Shimano components?

Factor HQ does not offer a Shimano solution currently due to a lack of stock. However, this option is available to UK customers through Factor Bikes UK. Only available for customers living in the UK.

What is included in the O2 and LS Frameset?

The O2 & LS are offered in a frameset package which includes: Frame, fork and headset.

What is included with an O2 VAM, OSTRO VAM, ONE or ViSTA Frameset?

We call these our premium frameset package and they include:

Frame, fork, Black Inc Barstem & Seatpost, CeramicSpeedBB & Headset plus a range of accessories including; Bartape, compression plug, chainstay protector, garmin computer mount, rear derailleur hanger, seatpost wedge and saddle clamps. You will also get a set of grommets, spacers, cable stops  and covers to complete your build.

What is included with a complete bike build?

The Complete Bike package includes

Frame, SRAM groupset, Ceramicspeed BB and Headset

Black Inc Barstem, Black Inc Seatpost, Black Inc Wheelset, Saddle Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow 145mm, Tires GoodYear Eagle 1, 25mm

The bike will be delivered 75% assembled.

For information on UK bike builds click here.

Do you offer custom paint for your bikes?

For the O2 & O2VAM, we offer the Prisma Studio for custom paint.

Customise your O2 here.

Customise your O2 VAM here.

For other models, please get in contact with our sales staff at [email protected]

Starting price for custom frames is 500USD for custom paint
Lead time for custom frames is 9-12 weeks

What is the Prisma Studio lead time?

Lead time for Prisma Studio is currently: 6-9 weeks.

We are currently experiencing high demand for this service.

How do I get in contact with someone at Factor?

Please email [email protected]

For UK enquiries please email [email protected]


What type of bottom bracket do Factor Bikes use?

The FACTOR O2, O2 VAM, ONE, LS, ViSTA, SLICK bikes use BBright bottom bracket shells. The bottom bracket shell is 79mm wide, with a 46mm diameter bore to accept PF30 style bearing cups.

The OSTRO VAM uses a T47a threaded BB.

Older, discontinued Vis-Vires, ONE and ONE-S V1 models (sold in 2017 and before) used BB386Evo bottom bracket shells.

Can I change the handlebars?

The FACTOR O2/O2 VAM/OSTRO/LS uses standard 1-1/8” steerer fork tube. Should you wish to replace the Black Inc barstem supplied with your frameset, there are many 1-1/8” stems options in the market.

The ONE & ViSTA use FACTOR’s proprietary OTIS barstem (ONE Total Integration System). This barstem has been designed as an integrated unit to fit on the top of the ONE fork only. Therefore, this means it is not possible to fit a standard round 1-1/8” stem on the ONE. However, the OTIS barstem is available in multiple length and width options at the time you order your frameset, as well as a replacement part via your local dealer.

Can I fit clip-on extensions on the handlebars?

Clip-ons extensions cannot be used on either the ONE/ViSTA or O2/OSTRO/LS bikes with one-piece integrated barstems (OTIS barstem on the ONE, and Black Inc on the O2/VAM/LS). Should you need to install clip-on extensions on your O2, O2 VAM, OSTRO or LS, a standard non-Black Inc branded stem and handlebar can be used. In that case, the bars must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for both the handlebar and the clip-on attachment.

A V3 barstem is available for the ViSTA and ONE to allow the rider to attach clip-on aero bars to the Factor ONE. Shop here.

Are custom frame sizes available?
FACTOR bikes are not available in custom sizes. However, our frame’s geometry and sizing has been carefully designed to fit the vast majority of riders. The ONE and O2 are available in 7 sizes from 46 to 61. In combination to your choice of integrated barstem, a tailored fit is possible. Handlebars are available in 4 width options: 380, 400, 420 and 440mm. 5 stem length options are available: 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm; Also, the use of the supplied 5 and 10mm spacers under the OTIS stem on the ONE allow for the additional fine tuning of bar height. For the complete geometry and options for the ONE and O2, please visit each model’s geometry page on this web.

The FACTOR SLiCK is available in 4 frame sizes, and with the multiple adjustability of the 51Speedshop aerobars, a wide range of rider sizes and position can be achieved. 

Can I purchase just a frameset?

We offer all our models as a Frameset or Rolling Chassis.

Our Premium frameset (ONE, O2 VAM, ONE) includes frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, integrated barstem and seatpost.

A standard frameset package is available on the O2 and LS which includes frame, fork and headset.

Our Rolling Chassis adds Black Inc wheels with CeramicSpeed bearings to our Chassis as described above. 

Can I adjust the bar stem height?

Yes you can. The ONE includes a set of 5 and 10mm spacers that allow for fine-tuning of the OTIS barstem height. This height adjustability can be performed at any time, as the OTIS designed doesn’t require to cut the fork down.

For the O2/OSTRO/VAM/LS models, as a standard 1-1/8” steerer fork tube is used, spacers can be added or taken to adjust the barstem height. Please follow the Assembly Manual instructions for how to adjust the Black Inc barstem height and cut down the steerer fork tube.

What is the minimum and maximum seat post insertion?
The minimum seatpost insertion is 90mm for all models. The maximum seatpost insertion is 230mm. Both are marked in the back of the seatpost, together with 5mm increments between them. The total length of all seatposts is 350mm.

Please notice that for the smaller frame sizes of the ONE and O2 (sizes 46, 49 and 52) as well as SLiCK (in sizes S and M) the maximum insertion is less than 230mm. This is due to the aerodynamic cut-out of the seat tube. For ONE size 46 the maximum insertion is 130mm, for size 49 is 150mm and for size 52 is 180mm. For SLiCK size S and M the maximum insertion is 160mm. Please carefully check that the seatpost can be inserted as low you need before clamping it and riding the bike. In some cases, when the desired saddle height would make the seatpost contact the inside of the frame, cutting the seatpost down will be required, but always take into account that at least 90mm seatpost insertion is required as a minimum.

What type of saddle can I fit on the seatpost?
All FACTOR bikes feature our 1-bolt saddle clamp design. All shipped bikes include a 7×9 mm rail clamp for saddles with carbon rails. An optional 7×7 mm rail clamp is also available for saddles with traditional round, metal rails. These replacement saddle clamps are available by request through your FACTOR dealer.
Where can I find Assembly Manuals?

Please find all assembly manuals in the Support Section here.

Where can I find the head tube lengths for Factor frames?

We use the Stack and Reach measurements to help you compare frames as it helps the rider more accurately determine fit.

What is the maximum rider weight for your bikes?

Max rider weight for O2 VAM: 90kg

Max rider weight for all other models: 110kg


Can I repaint the frame and/or fork?
No. This would void the warranty as the removal or reapplication of paint may result in weakening of the carbon fibre structure of the frame and/or fork. Please see our Warranty section.
How does Factor Bikes help with the assembly and maintenance of their products?

We have produced a fully detailed Assembly Manual for each FACTOR bike model which is available in electronic format at the Support section of our website.

These documents show all the steps required to assemble and adjust your FACTOR bikes perfectly. Particular details that are not standard in comparison to other bike manufacturer’s hardware is shown in these manuals.

These manuals include Di2 installation and information on the electronic cable routing. For the disc brake equipped bike models, the hose routing is also detailed in the manuals.

All of the necessary spares parts to service your bike can be purchased in case you need some extras. Please contact your FACTOR dealer, of contact FACTOR bikes directly and we will direct you to the nearest FACTOR dealer in your area.

Usually a new bike is checked after its first 500km, what is the recommendation from Factor?
A thorough check should be performed after the bike is first used a few times, this will depend on the intensity and conditions of the riding. Please follow your FACTOR dealer or preferred mechanic’s suggestion for the maintenance intervals.

hese manuals allow your local FACTOR dealer or preferred bike mechanic to service the bike at the regular intervals that they suggest or that you prefer.

All of the necessary spares parts to service your bike can be purchased in case you need some extras. Please contact your FACTOR dealer, of contact FACTOR bikes directly and we will direct you to the nearest FACTOR dealer in your area.

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