Introducing the SLiCK Disc

Jan 17, 2020

The SLiCK just got faster

Introducing the Factor SLiCK Disc, the Time Trial bike of choice for Israel Start-Up Nation in 2020.

Our engineers have worked to create a disc version of the recognisable Factor SLiCK. The design remains the same but takes advantage of the aerodynamic and performance benefits available with a disc brake configuration.

At the front, the frontal area of the fork has been reduced as the outside dimensions are no longer constrained by the direct mount brake. A unique disc caliper fairing has been designed to allow for smooth air flow from the trailing edge of the fork and avoid the airflow tripping over the caliper.

The dropped section of the downtube used to conceal the rear brake is also no longer required and has been removed in the disc version. Also at the rear, low profile disc mounts effectively smooth the transition from the chainstay to the disc caliper. The result? An even more aerodynamic design.

This is all coupled with a known increase in braking performance associated with zero friction hydraulic disc brakes. To compensate for the increased braking performance, an asymmetric bottom bracket stiffens at the disc location, improving overall stiffness and responsiveness of brakes. The addition of flush through bolt axles improves stiffness at the fork and rear triangle, and removes the QR handle from the airflow.


The Factor SLiCK was born through our obsessive quest to create the fastest, most technically advanced aero bike available. Factor’s design and engineering team studied, modified and enhanced the SLiCK’s frame structure in search of the lowest aerodynamic drag and the highest stiffness possible. The SLiCK Disc continues this quest.

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