Factor Slick

Timetrial / Triathlon Bike

The Factor SLiCK is a time trial/triathlon bike drive by obsession.

Obsession for speed; for boundary-pushing performance; for versatility and adjustability.

Each element of the SLiCK, from the 51 Speedshop Aerobar to the Twin Vane EVO downtube, was intentionally included in the design because of Factor’s obsessive quest to create the fastest, most technically advanced aero bike available.

“Our new TT bikes are really nice. The SLiCK feels fast and I have a really nice position, which I couldn’t find before. I feel really comfortable on this bike. I can get more power into the pedals and I’m in a more aerodynamic position. The cockpit looks super cool with the single stack under the base bar, and it’s really a nice bike to ride. It’s stiff in the front end and handles really well. It’s a super nice bike.”
Mads Würtz Schmidt

Role: Classics, time triallist, Israel Start-Up Nation

SLiCK Chassis

Factor Bikes sells system-integrated chassis, comprised of frame, fork, barstem, seatpost, bottom bracket, headset and a “pizza box” of components and accessories. Why a chassis? To control all the touch points a rider has with the road to ensure our world-renowed Factor ride quailty.

Base MSRP from

$6,299.00 Excl. VAT

Colors Available:

Israel Start-Up Nation
Team Edition

Brake Options:

Disc Brake

Beyond Speed: Aerodynamics, Integration & Adjustability

Factor’s design and engineering team studied, modified and enhanced the SLiCK’s frame structure in search of the lowest aerodynamic drag and the highest stiffness possible. Every subtle permutation and shape is a performance-driven result of extensive CFD and wind tunnel testing. This is then combined with real-world riding feedback from some of the best time-trialists and triathletes on the planet. The results? The SLiCK cuts straight through the wind, while delivering impressive power transfer and handling and aerodynamic performance without compromise.

Twin Vane EVO Downtube

Factor has worked tirelessly on the development of the Twin Vane Evo downtube to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness.  Twin Vane Evo symbolized all of what we learned throughout the extensive aerodynamic research necessary to design the SLiCK. Initially developed through CFD and later optimized in the wind tunnel, Twin Vane EVO displays expertise in design and engineering truly unique to Factor.

Optimized Twin Vane Evo downtube allows the air to pass through while increasing the bike stiffness at the BB and headset. When paired with our Black Inc Fifty wheels, the two work together to channel wind through the downtube in a smooth flow before the seat tube splits the flow and sends it past the rear wheel.

Detailed Attention to Aerodynamics

Widestance Seat Stays

SLiCK’s wide stance seat stays again allow the air to flow free through, rather than around the frame and rear wheel.

Deep Airfoil Seat Tube

Deep airfoil seat tube contours and conforms to the rear wheel, nestling it away from the wind.

External Fork

The SLiCK external fork features a hidden, integrated brake and wide stance, along with deep airfoil profiled legs.

The Perfect Fit

Teaming up with bike-fitting specialists 51 Speedshop, SLiCK’s aerobars provide all-round adjustability and total integration for reduced aero drag. Triathlon specific accessories come standard on the SLiCK, each integrated within the bike structure and designed for maximum convenience of use during training or racing. This includes the rear-mounted carbon StoraPak, top-tube threaded bosses, and BTA hydration mount, each addition included to provide a complete support solution for the performing triathlete.

51 Speedshop Mono-Riser Aerobar

Understanding the importance of the cyclist’s contact points. The 51 SPEEDSHOP Mono-Riser Aero Bar System is designed for the optimisation of biomechanical alignment, support, and aerodynamics.Designed for the rigors of the Tour de France and the Ironman World Championships, it uses the finest materials for each application, from the carbon fibre basebar and upper bridge, to 7000 series forged aluminum stem and tower base plate and stainless steel hardware.

Bar Features

  • Nearly invisible to the wind, due to the proven Kamm-Tail airfoil design, and unyielding to even the strongest sprint induced torque.
  • Radial shaping of the pursuit bar combined with a 5 degree up tilt gives the rider greater control over the bike.
  • Arm pad width adjusts from 142mm – 255mm by utilizing one of the two included wing options.
  • Arm pads adjust up to 60mm high and reach by 50mm
  • Carbon reinforced nylon pad holder provides rigidity and support.
  • Debossed channels allow airflow to aid in cooling
  • Unique “mono-riser” mounting system allows height adjustment through a simple two bolt design.
  • Proprietary arm pad provides the ideal amount of surface area and cushion.

Extension Shape Options

51-Ski Bend

  • Termination height: 110 mm to shifter base
  • Top of pad to extension: 80.5 mm to shifter base
  • Termination angle: 51 degrees over horizontal
  • Trimmable from both ends with a max cut line for minimum insertion of the shifter.


  • Termination height: 75 mm to shifter base
  • Top of pad to extension: 40.8 mm to shifter base
  • Termination angle: 30 degrees over horizontal
  • Trimmable from both ends with a max cut line for minimum insertion of the shifter.


  • Termination height: 110 mm to shifter base
  • Top of pad to extension: 80.5 mm to shifter base
  • Termination angle: 30 degrees over horizontal
  • 15-millimeter inward radius
  • Trimmable from both ends with a max cut line for minimum insertion of the shifter

Our Craft

At the Factor Carbon Lab our team of designers and engineers tested countless tube shape iterations in the relentless pursuit of speed, performance and aesthetic perfection.

Other Features

Seatpost & Stem Options

Factor SLiCK is offered with Zero and Offset seatposts, with the aerodynamic profile allowing for easy Di2 internal battery installation. 1-bolt saddle clamp for easy setup, available for carbon and metal saddle rails (7×9 or 7×7 rails) Zero and +40mm stems are offered, to fit a wide range of stacks and TT or Triathlon styles. Please refer to the Pad Stack&Reach chart to find the perfect fit.

Carbon StoraPak

Factor SLiCK includes a seat-tube mounted Stora-Pak. The StoraPak is fully integrated with no aerodynamic penalty and easy installation. StoraPak has room for 2 inner tubes, tyre levers, CO2 inflation device with 2 spare cartridges and a small multi-tool.

Aerobar Mounted BTA

Directly mounted to the aerobar, the BTA mount comes standard on the SLiCK. The BTA mount allows for forward or rearward bottle mounting in between the pads.


Seat Tube Angle78.0°78.0°78.0°78.0°
Head Tube Angle72.5°72.5°72.5°72.5°
Fork Offset45454545
BB Drop75757575
Chainstay Length400400400400
Seat Tube511536561592
Stand over height769794819849
Front Center576599627650


Frame SetFrameFactorSLiCKRBi Carbon
ForkFactorSLiCKRBi Carbon
Seat PostFactorSLiCKRGi Carbon Zero (0mm set back). 27mm set back also available
HandleBar51 SpeedshopMono-RiserMono-Riser Aerobar System, Ski extensions standard (FSM and Ultimate extensions also available)
HeadsetCane Creek110 Series1-1/8" bearings
Bottom BracketCeramicSpeedPF4630Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24mm BBRight Reducers/Adapters
ComponentsRear WheelBlack Inc.Black Eighty80mm deep Carbon Clincher with CeramicSpeed bearings
Front WheelBlack Inc.Black Eighty80mm deep Carbon Clincher with CeramicSpeed bearings
Front BrakeFactorSLiCKFactor SLiCK Custom Aero Brake with Carbon Cover
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