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To celebrate our second year sponsoring Team Amani, we have designed a very special OSTRO Gravel Amani Edition. Based in Kenya and focusing on elite male and female riders from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda in East Africa, the team was founded and established by Mikel Delagrange and Sule Kangangi, who died tragically while racing in 2022.

Team Amani and Factor Bikes are committed to carrying Sule’s dream forward, by creating opportunities and supporting the talented athletes from East Africa. For a very limited time, you can order your own OSTRO Gravel Amani Edition.

And 10% of all proceeds from the sale of the bike will go towards the gofundme for Team Amani, which is currently building the Amani Performance Center based in Iten, Kenya. It will be a facility where the next generation of East African athletes can be nurtured for success in the sport. They have the land, have built the pump track, and now just need some help to finish building the house.

SECURE YOUR OSTRO Gravel Amani Edition

The Amani OSTRO Gravel design was based on the colors found in the landscapes of the Rift Valley in Kenya and plays off the Team Amani kit colors for 2023. The stylized print for the forks contrasts the main body colors and is based on a Cheetah print pattern. Cheetahs are found throughout the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Rift Valley Province in Kenya and are a true symbol of speed and athleticism, not unlike the riders on Team Amani. The design is playfully bold and represents the spirit of the East African riders.

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When you use our Prisma Studio when buying your OSTRO Gravel, you can have total control over what your bike’s paint job will look like. Choose the paint, the finish, the decals. Make your OSTRO Gravel as unique as you are.

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