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Lightweight and aero-efficient, the OSTRO Gravel combines the best attributes of Factor road bikes with a modern tire capacity for a super fast ride. The OSTRO Gravel breaks the mold on how a multi-surface bike handles. Thanks to our experience with handling geometry and balancing trail values for all size frames, we have created a fast handling gravel bike while avoiding the dreaded feeling of low speed wheel flop when a road wheel is used in the bike.


Speed is your goal. Every ride, whatever the surface, faster is what counts. The OSTRO Gravel takes its ‘win everywhere’ mentality from its road racer stablemate, the OSTRO VAM, and is developed to dominate its category with incredible aero, superior handling, high stiffness and low weight. With a tire capacity of 45mm, it’s ready to go anywhere, fast.

For the OSTRO Gravel we have optimized the aero elements of the bike for the slower speeds of gravel racing compared to road racing. Leveraging knowledge from the aerospace sector we have been able to enhance the frame’s aero performance at relatively low speeds.
For example, the head tube has received an entirely new shape compared to the road OSTRO to enhance its aerodynamic properties and provide the most aero gains specifically for gravel racing.

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Best-in-class weight

At only 900g, the OSTRO Gravel is one of the lightest gravel frames available. We have used the very best materials to reach such a low weight for an aero frame, ensuring that lightness is matched by sensational ride quality and the immense durability you want for season after season of epic gravel racing.

Carbon compliance and aero performance

Leveraging our in-house carbon expertise, we have precisely shaped the OSTRO Gravel’s tubes to create a tuned ride with optimized performance characteristics. The head tube has received an entirely new shape compared to the road OSTRO VAM to enhance its aerodynamic properties at gravel speeds. The remainder of the frame uses the proven tube profiles from the OSTRO VAM, providing both snappy performance and aero efficiency.

45mm tire clearance

As road cyclists look for greater tire clearance, the 45mm of dimensional clearance that the OSTRO Gravel can support will expand the possibilities for roadies and committed gravel grinders alike. When we’re talking dimensional clearance, that means that the OSTRO Gravel can support the ISO clearance of 45mm plus 4mm debris clearance per side, making it super capable of handling muddy, gunky courses.

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