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Where aero and lightweight meet

Factor aero-oriented bikes have been CDC developed and wind tunnel tested before being unleashed first in the WorldTour and then onto roads near you. Our aero racing bikes meld the best of our most wind cheating designs with a comfort level ready to go the distance.

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02 Benefits
Engineered for speed

The goal was to create the lightest aero-oriented bike in the pro peloton. The Factor aero bikes are competitive on any terrain. It is ready to win sprints, conquer cobbled classics, and summit the climbs with the best.

Detailed aerodynamics

Though aerodynamics and lightweight frequently are playing tug-of-war, Factor designs our bikes makes to make sure these two essential considerations are both pulling in the same direction. We consider every aspect of the frame and applied the optimum aero profile, with particular attention paid to the transitions between frame sections and to performance across a full range of effective wind angles.

Factor’s new Ostro VAM is unquestionably a modern all-rounder. With its generous tyre clearance, unmistakable aero design, and a respectable weight, it really does serve as the well-mannered aero road bike that most speed enthusiasts should be on.

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