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01 The Bikes

A true aero advantage

For serious time trial and triathlon racers, the Factor TT/tri bike options provide wind tunnel tested aerodynamics and real world applied ergonomics. That way the ride will not only be fast but comfortable and efficient as well. Perfect for Kona or the WorldTour.

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02 Benefits

Our time trial and triathlon bikes are designed to deal with the various flow regimes that a rider will face: the undisturbed flow aft of the rider’s body, the spinning reaction air from the wheels, and the turbulent flow coming off the rider’s legs and calves. Finding solutions to smooth the air flow and reduce drag in real world conditions is what makes our aero bikes among the fastest on the road.


A time trial bike needs to be stiff and responsive in addition to aerodynamic. Our TT and triathlon bikes are incredibly stiff, capable of translating each pedal stroke into speed. The down tubes offer not only an aerodynamic advantage, but it also forms the backbone of the bike culminating with the rock solid junction at the super rigid bottom bracket. Our designs push the UCI rules right to the limit for the ultimate in aero performance while still being able to transfer power efficiently.

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