Factor ONE Customer Testimonials

“I bought the Factor One Disc as an alternative to mainstream brands after reading reviews on the aerodynamics and ride quality. I thought that having something that was different and stood out from the crowd would be good. On receipt of the bike, just the way it’s packaged shouted quality and attention to detail, the paint finish is the best I’ve seen on any bike I’ve owned. Racing the bike was a pleasure for me. The geometry, aerodynamics and overall feel was brilliant, I’d certainly purchase another Factor and would recommend the brand to anyone.”
Peter M

“Love my Factor One with Black Inc 50s. It’s a stiff responsive ride but also comfortable for many miles. Everywhere I ride it people stop and take a look around saying it’s a gorgeous looking bike. For a full-on aero bike it is surprisingly comfortable. Best bike I’ve ever ridden. Great fun whatever you use it for.”
Gavin R

“Excellent build quality and cutting edge design all wrapped up in a desirable package. Sharp handling and excellent comfort”
Stephen W

“Epic ride. Fast. Paired with new SRAM Red AXS eTap and Zipp Wheels. Love it! Not as aggressive as I thought but this is welcome as it’s fast but comfy. Incredibly compliant. Great cockpit”
Nick H

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