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Factor Umbrella

$50.00 USD


The Factor Umbrella offers protection from the rain and sun to be the perfect companion when you stand by the road waiting for the race to pass.



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1 Description

Even if you don’t mind riding in the rain, once you are off the bike, there’s no need to get wet when you have the Factor Umbrella. The Factor Umbrella is a 30-inch auto-opening straight umbrella has a wide enough diameter to protect multiple people under the umbrella when you are standing by the road waiting for the race to pass by.

The 8 fiberglass ribs holding the material secure are durably made and resistant enough to withstand the gusts of wind that can frequently accompany rainstorms. The umbrella shaft is also made from lightweight and robust fiberglass with a straight EVA co-polymer handle that has been ergonomically shaped to feel great to the touch and easy to hold in all conditions.

Specially designed with the Factor glitch graphic and branding, the Factor Umbrella is a great option for anyone who enjoys attending outdoor events no matter the weather.