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We like questions, it means that you are thinking and looking for something better.  At Factor Bikes we are always striving to improve, and questioning the current status quo helps of improve and deliver better products.


The ONE and ONE-S frames use BB386EVO bottom bracket shell and the O2 uses BBRight.

The custom designed OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) bars/stem and fork used on the ONE have been designed as an integrated, proprietary unit. Therefore, this means it is not possible to fit standard replacement units to the ONE. If you have damaged your present OTIS bar/stem it is possible to buy a replacement via your local dealer and documentation is available detailing the replacement process. The ONE-S and O2 use standard steerer tube mounted stem and bar options so can be changed, should you wish.

Clip-ons cannot be used on either the ONE or O2 Dura-Ace bikes with one-piece integrated OTIS or one-piece superlight bar/stem systems. For the ONE-S and O2 Ultegra models, which come with non-proprietary handlebar and stems, clip-ons can be used; here, the normal rules apply: the bars must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for both the handlebar and the clip-on attachment.

We are unable to offer custom frame sizing but are confident that the vast majority of riders should be able to find a frame size suitable for their needs by specifying the appropriate combination of frame, stem, and handlebars: our OTIS and one-piece superlight bar/stem systems for the ONE and O2 respectively each offer 15 possible permutations of width/stem length options for a precisely tailored fit comprising five stem length options: 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm; and three bar width options: 400, 420 and 440mm. Also, the use of the supplied 5 and 10mm spacers under the OTIS stem allow for the additional fine tuning of bar height.

Yes you can purchase just a frameset (which includes frame/fork/headset). The ONE also includes the proprietary OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) one-piece integrated bar/stem and dual clamp OTIS fork unique to that bike. The ONE and ONE-S framesets also includes our proprietary seatpost.

Yes. The ONE is delivered with a set of 5 and 10mm spacers that allow for fine-tuning of the handlebar height. For larger variations it is possible to choose, at the time of purchase, from 15 possible permutations of width/stem length options for a precisely tailored fit comprising five stem length options: 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm; and three bar width options: 400, 420 and 440mm.

No. We are only able to offer the paint colour options found on our website.

From the minimum seat post insertion mark to the maximum possible insertion point gives a range of 140mm. The minimum insertion is 90mm, while the maximum is 230mm. Both are marked in the back of the seatpost together with 5mm increments between them. The total length of seatpost is 350mm. The stock seatpost layback is 25mm but a 0mm inline post option can be purchased from our your local dealer.

Yes. The bike comes with our 1-bolt design saddle mount and hardware. All shipped bikes include 7 x 9 mm rail clamps for saddles with carbon rails. The optional 7 x 7 mm rail clamps are also available for saddles with traditional round rails. These are available by special request through the nearest FACTOR dealer or distributor.


No. This would void the warranty as the incorrect removal or reapplication of paint may result in weakening of the carbon fibre structure of the frame/fork. Please see our warranty section in the Owner’s Manual for full terms and conditions of the warranty.

We have produced a full technical supplement for your Factor Bike which is supplied in electronic format with the bike. This document details all the workshop procedures required to keep the family of Factor Bikes running perfectly. It gives detail of how to carry out any processes which are not standard in comparison to other bike manufacturer’s hardware. This should allow you to have your local reputable bike dealer service your bike. Regarding the Di2 setup, there is full access to the trim unit so it can be setup as simply as any regular Di2 installation and we provide information on the electronic cable routing. We also carry all of the necessary spares to service your bike which can be purchased directly from us. Other readily-available components such as Shimano drivetrain components can be purchased from your preferred supplier.

When you purchase a bike we provide full technical documentation to allow your local bike shop or preferred bike mechanic to service the bike at the regular intervals that you prefer. Any spares that may be required to support this can be provided by Factor Bikes.