On Sunday, September 10th, 2017, Maxime Roger, part of the AG2R development team crashed in the TT race at the Tour de Moselle. Thankfully, he was relatively unscathed by the fall which occurred when his TT handlebar on his FACTOR SLICK failed.

Factor makes the most technologically advanced bikes and parts in the world. Our staff is full of ex World Tour riders and we know that rider safety is the most important performance element we can provide. We engineer every part to be as safe and as light as it can be.

This mandates that the assembly and set up of that product be just as precise. An additional spacer was placed between the base bar and extensions by one of the team mechanics which unfortunately resulted in the handlebar failure. At the time of the incident, incorrect length bolts were used to fasten the bars with the taller stack. The short bolts did not have enough thread engagement and released when the rider had hit a speed bump.

Factor products have precise and detailed instructions of how they need to be installed with correct torque settings and bolt lengths. It is of the utmost importance that every instruction we provide regarding our products must be followed with every element of accuracy to ensure safety and top performance.

The safety of our riders is the most important responsibility we have as a bicycle company and we are glad that Maxime is ok.

In addendum is a letter explaining the situation from the team director of the AG2R development team;