This is the World’s Most Advanced Bike and it has an On-Board Computer

Jan 20, 2016

BERU’s Factor 001 is scheduled to be unveiled next week in the UK, and purportedly has GPS, motorsport-grade sensors and a radio transmitter, which all go back to an on-board computer.

Gizmag says the Factor 001 can collect various bits of info, such as ergonometric, biometric, physical force and environmental data, then take all that and analyze it in ways to help the rider’s performance. BERU normally works on F1 components, so the bike was designed entirely in-house by F1 engineers using F1-grade materials.

The bike weighs under 7kg, and comes with other advanced features such as ceramic brakes. All the components and wiring are integrated into the composite carbon-fiber frame during manufacturing, which make the bike appear simple on the outside.

However, if the aforementioned specs weren’t enough, the price definitely reveals it’s anything but simple. With a pricetag of 20,000 GBP, very few people will be able to afford the BERU Factor 001.

This article was originally published on Gizmodo

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