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Unlike most in our industry, Factor is the sole owner of the Factor production facility and author of each and every Factor bicycle. It’s this steadfast commitment to in-house design, testing and production that creates and environment in which inspiration becomes an essential component of perfection.

Perfection doesn’t occur by accident or luck. Instead it’s the product of personally and obsessively overseeing every detail, no matter how small.

Our Athletes

We are proud to support these teams and athletes. Since our start, we have been trusted by pros and have seem podiums in the Tour de France, Paris Roubiax, Ironmans, and more. Their feedback is critical to our process, because hardwork and real life can’t be imitated in the factory.

News & Media

Factor Bikes to Invest in UK Market

Factor Bikes to Invest in UK Market

Factor Bikes, is investing to expand in the UK and has appointed original Founder, John Bailey, as UK Managing Director. Factor designs and manufactures carbon fibre bikes aimed at amateur riders and professional cyclists who want engineering excellence and high...

Big wins on Factor’s Vista at the Gravel Worlds

Big wins on Factor’s Vista at the Gravel Worlds

Factor's Vista was ridden to victory at the 2019 Gravel Worlds held in Lincoln, Nebraska.  John Borstelmann picked up first place representing the Panaracer Factor pb bx team earning the Gravel World Champion jersey. Eric Marcotte, a Factor Ambassador, rolled in just...

Introducing the Factor VAM

Introducing the Factor VAM

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new, ultra lightweight bike, the VAM. VAM is the maximum expression of Factor’s design and manufacturing expertise. VAM stands for Velocita Ascensionale Media (Average Ascending Speed in Italian), a term that points to...