Factor Bikes Eurobike Gold Award

The Factor Vis Vires Dura-Ace has won a GOLD iF Award at the 2013 Eurobike show.

The iF judges evaluated a total of 496 entries from 30 different countries. 61 of the products were chosen to receive the EUROBIKE AWARD 2013. Only ten entries received a prestigious GOLD award for outstanding achievement in design and innovation – Factor’s Vis Vires won Gold in the Racing Bike category.

Here is what the judges had to say; “This racing bike is impressive in its well-thought -through details: the solution for the fork stem, the separated down tube and the integrated mounting. In addition, both brakes are integrated and it is possible to measure differentiated performance (left and right leg). The Factor Vis Vires really is an extraordinary racing bike.”

Vis Vires

Definition: (pl.) force, power, strength, might, influence.

FACTOR® Vis Vires has been created with the express purpose of advancing road bike technology. Bringing the legacy of bf1systems to the cycling market, the Vis Vires will allow riders to monitor and improve their techniques as never before. Delivering a complete system of advanced electronics, integrated seamlessly with design elegance, the Vis Vires is the next step in road bike evolution.

To celebrate the launch of the Factor’s first production bike, the first one hundred Vis Vires Dura Ace bikes to go on sale will be an exclusive First 100, with each bike featuring its own unique chassis number.

Vis Vires

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