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OSTRO VAM Parkhotel Edition

Highlighting a valued partnership

Ride like the pros with this Limited Edition OSTRO VAM

For five years, we have been watching and cheering the riders of the Parkhotel Valkenburg cycling team while they compete, develop, and win while Factor Bikes. Our partnership is still going strong, and we want to celebrate by making available, for a limited time, the specially designed OSTRO VAM Parkhotel Valkenburg Edition. The special graphics to match the team’s colors can connect you to a team that has been responsible for developing some of the top talent currently racing in the sport.

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The Parkhotel Valkenburg cycling team changed their jersey design for 2023, so the Factor design team took inspiration from the new jerseys to integrate the team’s identity into the frame and fork. It’s a unique colorway that will help you stand out from the pack.