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01 Overview

The ultimate all-road endurance machine

Just because the cycling industry likes to divide bikes into different segments, doesn’t mean that every ride is so easily categorized. For cyclists who face or even seek out mixed-surface types of rides every day, the Factor ViSTA performs effortlessly over smooth roads, cobbles, gravel, and everything in between.





    02 Benefits
    Take the grind out of gravel

    The Factor ViSTA encourages you to expand your horizons. For roadies who feel the pull of the unexplored unpaved paths, the ViSTA with its wider – but not too wide – tires provides the capability to hop on and off paved highways to un-trafficked byways. Unlike our LS, which has a tire width capacity much more gravel oriented, the ViSTA can accommodate up to 35mm tires. That’s a width that is not going to excite pure gravel fiends, but it will open up a ton of opportunities for the endurance oriented road rider who appreciates more flexibility in route choices, along with more comfort in rubber choices.

    Carbon expertise

    Factor balances this fine line between road racer and gravel adventurer thanks to the optimized carbon layup that focuses on comfort and shock absorption for longer and rougher rides, but still keeps the responsive acceleration at the forefront of the frame’s capabilities. The specially designed seatstays combined with the flatback seat tube and seat post work in unison to introduce a level of vertical compliancy that will be appreciated both for on-road and off-piste excursions. To ensure a stable ride, we specifically designed the upper portion of the downtube and fork legs to contribute to comfortable and controlled riding over long distances.

    ONE Total Integration System

    Standing for ONE Total Integration System, the OTIS design delivers excellent steering accuracy, and ease of setup while hiding all cables and brake hoses internally. The ViSTA features an all-road optimized version of this system. The fork legs’ carbon layup has been optimized for shock and vibration absorption while remaining torsionally stiff thanks to the external, double clamp design and solid barstem connection.

    03 Features

    Mixing speed with comfort

    Finding the right bike to take your longest, hardest rides on becomes a lot easier with the Facto ViSTA. Designed to cover big distances over mixer surfaces, it’s a bike that accommodates all types of road rides.

    All-road handling

    Maintaining Factor’s characteristic torsional BB stiffness, the ViSTA features our continuous downtube-to-chainstay “power-drive” construction. The ViSTA uses its torsionally stiff headtube-downtube junction along with its OTIS AR external fork and barstem to provide excellent front wheel tracking and cornering precision for confidence-inspiring descending. VISTA’S signature all-road geometry is purpose-built for under power with excellent handling traits to keep you in control, wherever you ride it – and you can ride it just about anywhere. Special care has been paid to the fork trail and BB drop to maintain consistent handling across all sizes, resulting in a stable yet responsive machine, hallmark traits of all Factor bikes.

    Better handling through geometry

    With geometry deliberately built around 30 to 35mm tire sizes, ViSTA’S handling characteristics avoid the compromises associated with accommodating larger tire sizes. The balanced combination of the stack and reach with the OTIS-AR barstem combined with ViSTA’s all-road, size-specific carbon layup puts the rider in the optimal position to race, further and longer.

    Optimized Seatstays

    The seatstays are designed to absorb the irregularities of the road. The thin section and upper curvature of the seatstays, as well as the fine-tuned carbon layup, soak up the small bumps and cracks to increase tire traction and control.

    Flat-Backed Seatpost

    The flat-back ViSTA AR seatpost profile offers enhanced compliance compared to a round seatpost, while the elaborated long fiber carbon layup avoids bobbing under power.

    Power Drive Drivetrain

    The continuous downtube-to-chainstays structure provides minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain efficiency. A BBright bottom bracket shell and asymmetric wide downtube deliver torsional stiffness while allowing plenty of tire clearance.

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    From $4,799.00

    From $4,799.00


    Where pavement and gravel meet



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    05 Details


    RBi Carbon All-Road


    RBi Carbon OTIS All-Road, Internal cable routing, Flat mount disc brake mount, hidden fender mounts, 12x100mm

    Bottom Bracket

    BBright 79mm bottom bracket shell CeramicSpeed PF4630 Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24mm BBRight Reducers/Adapters


    RBi Carbon All-Road 15mm setback (Includes 7x7, 7x9 rail clamps and Di2 battery mount.)


    Otis Vista All-Road Reach 80mm, drop 125mm. Multiple stem lengths and bar widths available


    FSA 1-1/8" bearings

    Cable routing



    Hunter Green


    Currently spec'd with a SRAM 48/35 chainring and 10-33 cassette

    Size 49 52 54 56 58
    A Stack 530 546 566 588 610
    B Reach 363 370 379 386 394
    C Seat Tube Angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
    D Top Tube Length 520 532 547 560 575
    E Head Tube Angle 70.6° 71.1° 72.4° 72.5° 72.5°
    F Fork Offset 58 58 48 48 48
    G Fork Trail 61 58 60 60 60
    H Chainstay Length 415 415 418 418 418
    I BB Drop 77.5 77.5 75 75 75
    J Seat Tube 448 465 502 525 548
    K Stand Over Height 732 749 782 804 825

    An all-around racing machine that’s at home on the road, path, or trail. The ViSTA is built for the gravel-curious roadie who wants to kill his or her quiver and avoid sacrificing speed.

    Fred Dreier, VeloNews