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Create Your Masterpiece

Prisma Studio is Factor’s cutting edge in-house custom paint facility. Our platform allows you to create your dream bike, giving it a one of a kind look suited to your personal style and preferences so you’ll love your Factor bike for its appearance as much as its capabilities. Custom paint is currently available for the OSTRO VAM and the O2.

A Bike As Unique As You

With a wide range of colors and a variety of design options, the Prisma Studio allows you to fashion your frame that will be a true expression of your personality. If you are tired of the monotone, then you can splash out tons of color. Want to save weight and keep it stealthy? Then go with raw carbon and silver. Our color palette is extensive; let your creativity flow.

High Quality Paints

Though the bike is beautiful, it is also a utilitarian delight. Factor Bikes are not to be hung on a wall or put under glass. They are meant to be ridden. That means that every part of the bike, including the paint job, must be able to withstand daily road ravishes. Factor uses super high quality paints in both matte and shiny finishes that offer a color depth and richness that can still resist chips from projectiles thrown up by the road.

Hand Painted By Experts

Factor’s in-house painters have combined decades of experience in getting the level of precision required to make all their 3-D canvases – your frame – pop in the sunlight! They have every step of the process dialed from applying the base to baking it to perfection. You can trust your colorful vision to their capable hands.

Left Quote

Our Prisma Paint Studio offers riders a new level of customization. Even if they live thousands of miles away, they can use the studio to tell us exactly what they want their bike to look like, and we can execute their designs quickly and efficiently. It's a great honor to be involved in creating these dream bikes for Factor customers.

Dave The Painter

Create Your Masterpiece

In our Prisma Paint Studio you can choose the designs and colorways that will keep your frame unique and representative of your personality. Get started here creating your dream bike by testing color options and mixing designs.