A History Of Racing Excellence

Founded with a commitment to innovation, speed, and performance using advanced engineering, Factor Bikes represents the union of technology and integration. With a heritage deep in the world of motorsport and aviation, we constantly search for ways to innovate in our designs and products.

The motorsport technology that helped define the earliest creations from Factor, like the bf1systems-developed power meter and the data logging system featured on early Factors, have helped push the industry further. These design initiatives continue to seep into Factor bikes. We’re not afraid to do things differently to push the technology forward.

Teams & Athletes

At Factor Bikes, we pride ourselves on our exceptional cycling technology and our strong partnerships with top-tier professional athletes and teams. We are dedicated to pushing the limits of innovation and performance, ensuring that our bikes are at the forefront of the cycling world. Our collaboration with elite athletes, both established legends and promising talents, has solidified our position as a leader in the industry. We are honored to have a roster of incredible athletes who trust our cutting-edge designs and engineering expertise to take their performance to new heights. Together, we strive to redefine what is possible on two wheels.

News & Stories

Discover Factor Bikes, where innovation and performance collide. Unveiling groundbreaking technology, captivating athlete stories, and uncharted adventures, we redefine cycling possibilities. Join our vibrant community for exclusive content and witness the transformative power of cycling. Factor Bikes: Ignite your journey, fueled by passion and excellence.