Teams & Athletes

Our Teams

At Factor, racing is in our DNA. From inception to future innovation, from ride quality to aerodynamics – we stay true to our racing roots. Working with world-class teams and athletes allows us to constantly strive for the very best, so our bikes always have that winning edge. 

Israel – Premier Tech is a UCI World Tour cycling team comprised of some of the sport’s top athletes. Factor has been the technical partner of the team since 2020. Each season we continue to work closely with the team to innovate and further develop our products, with the ultimate end goal of providing them with the fastest, most cutting edge equipment on the World Tour, ensuring every advantage is in their favour out on the race course. The team will predominately compete on the OSTRO VAM and the HANZŌ in 2022.
Parkhotel Valkenburg is a professional UCI Women’s Cycling team based in the Netherlands. The talented and ambitious team have a strong focus on the development of younger riders, providing the ultimate platform for them to learn, grow and take their cycling to the next level. The team have had some great success since their establishment in 2013 and have only continued to excel in recent seasons. Factor has been the technical sponsor of the squad since 2019.
Team UKYO is a Japanese UCI Continental team that was established in 2012. Factor have been partners of the team since 2020. Managed by Japanese racing car driver, Ukyo Katayama, speed and performance is also in their DNA. Over the years, they have proven themselves as a dominant force on the professional racing scene Asia wide and continue to target wins in major races on the UCI Asia tour.
ACA Cycling is an Australian UCI Continental team that was established by former professional cyclists Ben Kersten and Matt Wilson. The team is made up of a talented combination of women and men and is all about creating a brighter future for Australian cyclists, providing them with a positive, driven environment to develop into the best cyclists they can be. Factor is proud to be joining forces with the team for the 2022 season as they continue to make waves on the Australian race circuit and beyond.
InstaFund Racing is a UCI Continental women’s cycling team based in Canada. The team was founded in 2019 and partnered with Factor Bikes in 2020. The small but aspiring team spread their race calendar out between the USA and Europe and in 2021 proved they are a force to be reckoned with when they won the USA Crit Series overall title. The team do not only race bikes, they also have big ambitions to progress with their mission based goal of racing carbon neutral.
Team Bryton Icefield was founded in 2021 by Bryton Inc. The aspiring team have big goals of becoming a successful professional cycling team and developing domestic talent to the next level. The team consists of some of the best riders in Taiwan, and throughout their inaugural race season in 2021, have proven to be a dominant force and right on track to achieve their long-term goals.
Team AMANI is a cycling team made up of talented African riders. The team was established by the AMANI Project to create cycling opportunities and provide a pathway for aspiring racers in East Africa. Through 2022, the team hope to step up to the next level by competing in a number of events abroad, in addition to their own event established by the AMANI Project, the Migration Gravel Race – a four day stage race that travels across the wilds of the Maasai Mara, Kenya and is set to debut in June.
Team Coop is a Norwegian UCI Continental team based in Sandnes, Norway. The team was established in 2005 and is currently owned by Njål Østerhus, Erik Johan Sæbø and professional World Tour rider, Alexander Kristoff. The team has had great success since their establishment, claiming a string of UCI victories over the years, including a credible 8 wins through 2021 where they raced on the OSTRO VAM for the first time. We look forward to seeing what further damage Team Coop can do through 2022.

Our Athletes

Beth Potter is a professional British triathlete and former unofficial 5km world record holder, achieving an impressive time of 14:41. Beth is still relatively fresh to the professional triathlon scene having switched her sporting profession from long-distance running following the Rio Olympics. We are proud to keep working with Beth as she continues her inspiring journey towards reaching the highest level in triathlon.
David Millar is an important part of Factor’s history, having played a role in assisting with the development of a number of our bikes by sharing his extensive experience and feedback from his many years of racing as a leading professional cyclist. The former 17 year professional won 10 Grand Tour Stages throughout his illustrious career and since retiring in 2014, he has continued to be involved in a number of areas within the cycling industry, including commentating for ITV, and the creation of his own brand, CHPT3.
Phil Gaimon is a former professional cyclist who retired from racing in 2016, however his passion for cycling has only continued to strengthen. To continue fuelling his competitive fire, he has since created his own Gran Fondo ‘Phils Cookie Fondo’ amongst other projects and formerly broke the Everesting record. In 2022, Phil is part of Jukebox Cycling – a team made up of a selection of top-level multidisciplinary cyclists with the goal of promoting positivity both on and off the bike.

Ruby West is an elite multi-disciplined athlete. She primarily competes in cyclo-cross where her passion and greatest strengths lie, however she is also heavily talented when it comes to the track and is now part of the Canadian track cycling squad working towards Olympic selection and success in Paris, 2024. To add to her busy race calendar, Ruby also dabbles in road racing and in 2021, rounded out her season as the U23 National Road Champion. Factor look forward to working alongside Ruby as she builds towards some big season and future goals.