Bike Size Recommendation Guide

Jan 3, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right frame size, the decision-making process can often become confusing and time-consuming as all bike brands offer an array of different sizes with unique set-ups and dimensions. At Factor, we do our best to simplify this process for potential customers interested in purchasing one of our bikes by offering one of the best user-friendly, personalised bike size recommendations in the industry. Because size matters…


So, how does it work?


From the Sizing Help section on our website, you simply need to fill in a form that requests various details; from your riding style, to your current bike set-up, various body measurements and any additional information that may be valuable. Our full-time in-house bike fitter will then take the time to carefully analyse your data to determine the optimum frame size and configuration for your new bike. It is not just an algorithm that determines the fit, as some might assume, but a highly experienced industry expert. 

Factor Bikes Product Manager and size recommender, Eddie Cheah shares:

“When we receive a sizing recommendation, I would start reviewing the data submitted from top down starting with height as it would give me a rough idea on the initial frame size. For example, someone who is 180cm would normally be on a 56 frame and that would be the starting point. Riding style would then give an indication on how aggressive the customer might be setup/riding on their current bike and it points towards either going a size up or down when someone is in between two sizes. The remaining body measurements data would tell us what barstem size and seatpost offset type they are best suited to.

Additional information like their current bike/frame model and size, as well as stem size and bar width, allow us to cross reference those with our recommendation to make sure what we have advised would be close to what the customer currently has. Additional notes that sometimes the customer provides like any issues that he/she might have currently would tell us what needs to be changed. We sometimes get a fit report from people who have done a bike fit and this helps us to really nail down the fit to be as close as possible.”

Why do we go the extra mile to provide a Size Recommendation?


We strongly believe that choosing the right frame size for you is instrumental to achieving the ultimate riding experience. Not only to match your physical size, but your style of riding to ensure the bike performs exactly the way you want it to out on the road and beyond. In many cases, a rider may be suited to more than one size. What we aim to do, is then work with you and the valuable information you’ve provided to establish what type of rider you are and what kind of riding experience you are looking for. We will then recommend one frame size based on your measurements, matched with your needs and desires.

If you go on to make the decision to order a complete bike, this process will also give us a greater understanding of the appropriate seat post, set back, bar width and stem length to fit to your bike, so you will receive your bike ready to hit the road rolling! Hopefully avoiding wasting quality ride time stressing out about mastering your optimal set-up.

If you’re interested in finding out what Factor Bikes frame size is right for you, then visit our Size Recommendation page and get started!

Photo by Noa Arnon

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