Gravel Bikes

Rough. Roads. Unbound.

For Mixed-Terrain Adventures

Though a new segment of the bike market, gravel bikes have taken the world by storm by making it possible for road riders to expand their options and test the unpaved roads. Fast, durable, comfortable, and lightweight, Factor gravel bikes help you find unbound bliss.

Ostro Gravel

Everywhere Fast

Starting from  $7,499.00


THE Gravel Racing Bike

Starting from  $6,299.00

Lightweight and Responsive

When designing our gravel bikes, we focus on keeping the frames lean, light, and responsive while ensuring their long distance durability. These are bikes that beg to be ridden at race speeds whether it’s rough terrain or smooth tarmac. Nimble and durable simultaneously, Factor gravel bikes easily segue from city streets to forest trails and back again without missing a beat. The rigid chassis helps it climb like a dream and descend with confidence.

Carbon Expertise

With our inhouse carbon expertise, we use TexTreme carbon which is is engineered with a spread tow prepreg fiber system that offers considerable reduction in weight while increasing rigidness and strength. The carbon material and construction process also improves impact tolerance and combines that with superior surface smoothness. In other words, the material creates a lighter, stronger, more resilient frame.