Aug 21, 2020

Factor Bikes Announces the Integrated O2 VAM & Black Inc Twenty Wheelset

The O2 VAM gains internal cabling and the Black Inc TWENTY is the perfect wheelset for the mountains.

Integrated O2 VAM

Pursuing engineering perfection continually pushes us to ask, “How can we do even better?” Last year, challenging the status quo and ignoring constraints, Factor Bikes revealed the O2 VAM, an ultra-lightweight bike with unprecedented ride quality and responsiveness. Work began the next day to improve it even further.

Today, Factor Bikes is pleased to announce the revised O2 VAM featuring fully integrated internal cabling, achieved without adding weight to the frame. Updated componentry reduces the overall system weight and improvements to close the mechanical cable routing entry points enable the layup to be optimised. Hiding the cables adheres exactly to Factor’s design principles of elegance and optimised performance by creating a cleaner aesthetic and enhanced aerodynamics. As small as cables may seem, the aero drag they create is significant.

Black Inc TWENTY

Crafted to perfectly complement the O2 VAM, we are also proud to present the Black Inc TWENTY, an ultra-lightweight climbing wheel. Featuring a high-strength construction and reinforced rim walls, the clincher version weighs in at just 1,240g. This new wheelset has complete synergy with the O2 VAM as an ultra-lightweight product that makes zero compromise to ride quality and dynamics.

The TWENTY has a variable rim depth of 20mm at the spoke anchoring points and 18.5mm between the spoke holes. It is available immediately in clincher (1,240g) with steel spokes and, later this year, as a sub-1kg tubular version with carbon spokes. The rim profile is optimised for 25-28mm 700c tyres with an internal width of 21mm (clincher). The TWENTY features a revised hub construction with low-friction CeramicSpeed bearings and an updated freehub body engagement system.

O2 VAM – In-Depth

Achieving an aerodynamic improvement requires more than simply hiding a feature – the design solution itself has to be aero. A common method of internal cabling used by other brands employs an oversized upper headtube bearing to create the routing space. However, this in turn requires the headtube to be bigger and therefore less aerodynamic. For the new O2 VAM, it was deemed essential to maintain the bike’s optimised headtube ratio, aesthetic appeal and aero performance.

To develop the new O2 VAM, we evaluated every aspect of the frame and componentry to deliver a fully integrated and lighter system package. Here’s what’s new:

Fully-internal cable routing

The O2 VAM is now entirely integrated through the barstem with no cables showing and the upper bearing size unaltered, maintaining aesthetics and aerodynamics. As we have discussed in depth in our blog, this is a focussed solution to a complex problem.

New fork design

Brand new fork design with a D-shaped steerer, reinforced for impact strength.


What we have achieved with the O2 VAM is a frame including all assembly parts with a weight of 677g unpainted (size 54, disc). Three paint finishes are available which vary between 20-45g in weight.

Updated seatpost clamp

New seatpost clamp which is lighter than the previous system. The new design increases the clamped surface area, creating more security and the opportunity for a lighter seatpost to be used owing to the increased distribution of clamping force.

Frame layup improvements

Internal cable routing means that access and routing holes in the bottom bracket and downtube can be closed. The result is a revised lay-up which improves frame stiffness.

New custom compression plug

New custom compression plug allows for easy cutting of the steerer tube length, maintenance and adjustment.

New Split Spacers

Split spacers allow for easy raising and lowering of the system to suit the rider.

New direct mount rear derailleur hanger

New direct-mount rear derailleur hanger stiffens the shifting system for Shimano and brings the top of the rear derailleur hanger back behind the axle entry path, speeding up installation and removal of the rear wheel on disc frames.

New Graphic Option

The latest O2 VAM is now available with a large chrome decal as well as the Attaquer and Israel Start-Up Nation team editions. Our Prisma Studio custom option is also available.


Q – What is the compatibility of the new frame?
A – The fully integrated O2 VAM is only compatible with electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes. A rim brake version is still available although it is not fully integrated owing to the necessary routing of the front brake cable. You can use any 1 ⅛” stem with the system, however the cables will enter the steerer below the stem rather than being completely hidden when using the Black Inc barstem.

Q – If I already own an O2 VAM can I integrate my cabling?
A – Yes, this is possible if you upgrade to the new fork and barstem. Please speak to your dealer or sales consultant for details.

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