Jun 2, 2021


We are proud to announce that fast up and coming British triathlete and current unofficial 5k world record holder, Beth Potter is joining the #FactorFamily as an athlete for 2021. Beth will be equipped with the Factor OSTRO VAM and the ONE, ready to face all terrains throughout her race season this year. At Factor Bikes we’ve been closely following Beth’s steady transition and are excited to now be part of her inspiring journey as she continues to work her way to the top.

Beth recently made waves by unofficially breaking the 5km running world record with a time of 14:41, to add to her impressive victory at the Super League Triathlon in March. The fiercely talented 29-year-old is still relatively fresh to the tri scene having switched her sporting profession from long-distance running following the 2016 Rio Olympics.

As early as 15, Beth was running competitively and winning Scottish national titles. Her dogged determination and success in the sport went on to lead her through to her Olympic dream of competing in the 10,000m. When she crossed the line in 34th down to an unlucky bout of sickness on the day, her mind was made up that she was up for new adventures and challenges. Professional sport, however, and becoming the world’s best at something was still well and truly on her radar.

Having spent her childhood years swimming competitively, and with running already her greatest strength, triathlon became the standout choice. With just one discipline to master – cycling. A whole new world ahead of her having only the experience of her commute to work on board a fixie around London.

To stand true to her word and to give her chances of making it in triathlon the best odds possible, she packed up her life and moved to Leeds – a training paradise and home to the UK’s leading triathlon centre. Following an extensive period of hard work building up her strengths on the bike and in the pool – since 2017 and her dive into triathlon, Beth has gone on to have some great success, including her most recent visit to the top step of the podium at the Super League Triathlon London.

Here, Beth shares her thoughts on her new Factor Bikes and why she chose to partner with us, some insight into her less than ordinary career in professional sport, her transition to triathlon and her sporting goals.

Why choose Factor?
I really like the fact that Factor are a British born company. With cycling being the newest of the three sports to me and the one which I’ve had to make the biggest performance improvement with, I think it’s important to be with a brand that is also constantly evolving and pushing boundaries to be the best, just like myself.

Why choose the ONE and OSTRO VAM?
I wanted to have the option of being able to ride a bike that was aero and one that was good for climbs so that I will be covered to race on the WTS circuit this year. Especially since I also train in Leeds and there is a mixture of terrain here that suits both bikes.

Recent Success.
I recently won the SLT (Super League Triathlon) Games in London at the end of March in a strong field which included the 2020 World Triathlon Champion and Long course World silver medallist. The biggest improvements for me probably came in the pool and on the bike. This win was backed up with a huge PB, British Record and the unofficial World record over 5km on the road. I finished 2nd at the second Arena Games in Rotterdam a few weekends ago against another strong line up.

The Transition.
After a disappointing result in the 10,000m final at the Rio Olympics, due to illness, I fancied a new challenge and a change. I quit my full time Physics post in a school in London and relocated to Leeds to do triathlon.

Bike fitness and Confidence.
It has taken me a couple of years to get to grips with gaining bike fitness, power and confidence. I’m still working hard on the technical side of my biking.

Best and most challenging disciplines.
I enjoy running the most but have really come to love riding my bike! I find the VO2 efforts on the bike the most challenging.

A typical triathlete training day.
A typical day would start off with a 90-minute aerobic swim in the morning, followed by a long steady 3 – 4-hour ride in the Yorkshire Dales and finish with a 30 min steady run.

2021 goals.
To finish top 10 in the World Triathlon Series and to finish on the podium at a WTS.

Long term goals.
To become World Champion and win an Olympic medal.

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