All-weather additions to our Emporium

Cycling kit for wet conditions

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your bike. We’re adding more products to the Factor Emporium to help you enjoy your outdoor cycling activities even when the sun seems to be taking the day off.

Factor Race Bag An essential part of any pro cyclist’s equipment, the race bag holds all the rain gear and extra pieces of kit that the cyclist will need during a race. The Factor Race Bag has been designed with this in mind, offering waterproof, intelligently designed storage for your race day necessities or travel day change of clothes. Durable and sustainably made, the Factor Race Bag can travel long and far with you.
Factor Umbrella Though not something that will help you stay dry on the bike, the Factor Umbrella has been designed to be your best friend when you are standing on the roadside waiting for the race to pass even in a rainstorm. The wide diameter means that it can cover several people, which will help you make friends with those cycling fans who are less well prepared. The stunning design and heavy-duty durability will mean this umbrella has you covered for many years to come.

Factor veloToze

These Factor-branded shoe covers may just be the best all-weather addition you’ll ever make to your wardrobe. Slim, aero, super waterproof and surprisingly warm, veloToze shoe covers offer excellent protection from deluge-style rainstorms as well as cold rides that inch towards freezing temperatures. Super packable, they are exactly the type of protection you will always want to have stored in your Factor Rain Bag!