Factor OSTRO Gravel

A new level of fast gravel

The keen-eyed among you may have already spotted this latest addition to the Factor line-up. The Factor OSTRO Gravel has been killing it throughout the summer gravel racing season already, taking top-10s at marquee events like Unbound and Crusher in the Tushar. It’s been turning a lot of heads along the way.

Real-world aero What makes the OSTRO Gravel so special? It speaks to the needs of gravel racers who are continually searching for speed and bikes that offer performance advantages. The belief that aero doesn’t matter in gravel has been abandoned and the OSTRO Gravel is here to prove that aero is almost everything!

Taking the same design cues from the road-specific OSTRO, the OSTRO Gravel stands out with a very specially designed front end. The Factor engineers focused on how to add aero advantages to the frame though gravel races generally run at relatively slower speeds (~40km/h) versus a grand tour breakaway (55+km/h), for instance. The resulting design change versus the OSTRO road focused on the head tube shape, helping to reduce the drag caused by the front end of the frame. It means you’ll not only feel faster, you’ll go faster!

Unbound proof The proof is in the racing. Factor sponsored athlete, Adam Roberge, raced his OSTRO Gravel at Unbound, where he snagged a superb 10th place.

“After riding with the front group for the first 150 km of Unbound gravel, I had a bad puncture. After fixing it, I was 5 minutes behind the front group of 30 riders. Luckily, with the help of the aero geometry and aero bars of the OSTRO Gravel, I rode my way up from 30th to top-10 at the biggest gravel race in the world.”

Adam Roberge, 2022 Gravel World Champion

Wider tire clearance

Of course, aero isn’t everything in gravel. Getting through the rough stuff fast requires an off-road capability that belies the road race background of the OSTRO. That’s where our designers have been very clever by finding ways to fit up to 45mm tires on the frame without compromising on the geometry. They’ve also designed the geometry to find the perfect balance between all-day comfort, and race-oriented performance.

Working with Factor’s components company, Black Inc, the engineers have developed an ideal gravel-oriented wheel to enhance the set-up. The Black Inc THIRTY FOUR gravel wheels offer lightweight, durable performance with a rim profile that works well for fast situations over mixed terrain.

Redefine your top speeds on all surfaces

The Factor OSTRO Gravel proves itself as an exceptional bike on paved as well as gravel roads. As more of us are mixing road and gravel into our normal everyday rides, the OSTRO Gravel stays in step with the types of riders that don’t like to be defined as only road or only gravel riders. It’s a bike for everyday and all terrains.