The best bearings where it matters

If you’ve read a few interviews with Factor owner Rob Gitelis, you’ll probably already know that Factor is not a brand that sugar coats its opinions. We tell it like it is. We do what we do because we believe it is the best way to build the best bikes in the world. That goes double when we are talking about who we use as partners when building out bikes. Working with CeramicSpeed ensures that we can supply our bikes with only the best bearings.

For our LANDO mountain bikes, we committed to designing cross-country bikes that could have a durability and longevity that would belie how lightweight and fast they are. An essential part of that commitment comes in the form of the CeramicSpeed bearings that come standard with the LANDO XC and LANDO HT.

Coated bearings in the BB

These bikes are meant for getting dirty, racing over your favorite trails, and plowing through the mud. That means we had to plan ahead to make sure our bottom brackets would be able to withstand the moisture and muck. CeramicSpeed’s coated bearings were a key component since the bearing protected in this way becomes much harder, improves durability, rolls more smoothly, and resists corrosion.

The coating is actually a metallic layer that is evenly applied to the inside and outside of the bearing race. Making the bearing impervious to corrosion increases the overall longevity. They are also extremely resilient when lacking lubrication, though we certainly encourage you to maintain your bottom bracket properly to ensure you will always get the most out of your LANDO ride.

SLT bearings in the headset

Similarly to our road bikes, we have also included CeramicSpeed’s SLT bearings in the headsets for the LANDO XC and LANDO HT, which provide maintenance-free and corrosion-free peace of mind as well as a lifetime warranty to back them up.

Including this technology in our bikes has been a conscious choice. We’ve made this additional investment to ensure that the rider experiences the ultimate level of performance and durability to withstand the extreme environmental conditions that XC mountain bikes are exposed to on a regular basis.

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