OSTRO VAM 2022 TDF Edition

Helping to give young Rwandan athletes a place to train

Field of Dreams

Every so often we get the chance to help make a difference in the world. With the start of the 2022 Tour de France just hours away, we are proud to be a part of Israel-Premier Tech’s efforts to build a “Field of Dreams” bike center at the Community of Hope in Bugesera, Rwanda, as part of the team’s Racing for Change initiative.

The complex will consist of a pump track, a race track, and a community center to help the people of Bugesera, and especially the children, by providing the young athletes with a safe place to train as well as an infrastructure to develop their skills in cycling and beyond.

Community of Hope

Founded by Serge Gasore, the Community of Hope in Bugesera offers hundreds of kids the chance to receive an education and an opportunity to participate in social programs. A childhood survivor of the genocide against Tutsi, Gasore has committed his adult life to helping all the children in his community find a better way to live. “I discovered that giving hope to our children is the best healing from my memories.”

To celebrate this association, Factor will produce a limited run of the same “Field of Dreams” OSTRO VAM that the Israel – Premier Tech team will be racing on at the Tour de France. Perfectly complementing the special edition cycling kit that Israel – Premier Tech riders will wear during the race, the frame design is inspired by the colors of the lush Rwandan landscape and the geometric precision of Rwandan Imigongo art.

Making bicycles a way of life

Bicycles are more than a sport or pleasure to most of the people of Rwanda. They are a way to a better life, a means to earning a living, traveling to school, learning about their neighbors. “Having a pump track, the first one in Rwanda, will enable us to give joy to hundreds. Not only as a source of fun, but also as an educational tool,” Gasore explained.

To encourage the use of bikes and improve the rider’s technical skills is an important step in helping the youth to find not only fun on two wheels, but economic advancement. The Mayor of the Bugesera District, Richard Mutabazi explained, “Building the Field of Dreams bike center will drive a change in so many ways: both socially and economically.”

The Field of Dreams complex will provide athletes the chance to train and test their skills in a safe environment. If you would like to contribute to the efforts in the the Bugesera community and wider Rwanda, please contact

Tsadok YecheskeliIsrael – Premier Tech Media Director zadochyec@gmail.com+972 52-555-8320

Celebrate with a special TDF OSTRO If you would like to order your very own OSTRO VAM 2022 TDF Edition, please contact Factor directly or your local Factor authorized dealer to secure your bike. We will be offering this special “Field of Dreams” design either as a frameset or as a complete build.