OSTRO VAM 2024 TDF Edition

Paying homage to the French Tricolor

Though the Tour de France is always a highlight for cyclists every year, the 2024 Tour promises to be even more special. Not only will the race be starting in the Renaissance capital of the world, Florence, Italy, but it will be finishing for the first time in its history in the Mediterranean city of Nice.

These unusual locations for the Grand Départ and the grand finale have resulted in making the Tour de France race route both extremely challenging and excitingly thrilling for the fans. Since it is an Olympic year and the Games will be taking place in and around Paris, the French capital will not feature on the race route. But that doesn’t mean that this year’s Tour will fail to highlight the visual beauty and majesty of France.

For that reason, the Factor OSTRO VAM 2024 TDF Edition has been designed to celebrate France, its beauty, culture and arts. As an Olympic year, the French Tricolor will be on proud display all over the country, and the OSTRO VAM 2024 TDF Edition will be ridden by the IPT cycling team on the roads of France while they animate the race.

Photo credit: noA Toledo Arnon

A carbon canvas

Factor’s Creative Director, Jay Gundzik had a special concept for this year’s special edition Tour de France frame design. “The concept was born from the idea of celebrating France and French arts culture,” Jay revealed. “Fans of the brand may also recognize the design as a nod to the evolution of the OSTRO brand, since it is quite reminiscent of the very first colorway we had for the OSTRO VAM, which was also raw carbon with paint smears and speed lines.”

2020 Tour de France, photo credit: Jered Gruber⁠ / Ashley Gruber

Photo credit: noA Toledo Arnon

Interestingly, the 2024 TDF special edition uses the language of paint and its properties when splattered, but the effect is essentially a trompe l'oeil since the splatters are not 3D and are not even paint.

“I just started playing around with paint splatter effect with actual paint splashes and manipulating them, so they look 3D and actually look like paint splashes on the bike, as opposed to just a back graphic. I love that contradiction between paint appearance and no-paint decals,” Jay explained. “It’s important to note the bleu-blanc-rouge of the French flag. And it’s not just splatters; I have it streaking smears of paint which suggest its speed and movement. That reflects our brand and racing in general.”

Photo credit: noA Toledo Arnon

Limited availability

Though the OSTRO VAM 2024 TDF Edition pays homage to France in this very special year of sport, the classy Tricolor colorway will keep its appeal for many seasons to come. With the highlight of the exposed raw carbon, it is easy to appreciate the level of expertise and craftsmanship that goes into every frame. The OSTRO VAM 2024 TDF Edition will be available for purchase for a very limited time. Don’t wait to add your name to the list.


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