Pretty Muddy Things Challenge By Isadore x Factor

The winter blues are almost behind us in the Northern Hemisphere and with that Spring has just about sprung. Friendly temps, longer days and more time on the bike is calling. It’s the perfect season to crawl out of your winter hibernation haze, kit up and hit the road – or the trails, on a mission to up your fitness in time for summer.

Although conditions may be slightly balmier, there’s no denying that the start of Spring in many parts of the world is far from sunshine and rainbows, with plenty of less than idyllic rainy days, and quite often a whole lotta mud as the winter chill melts away, leaving a mound of mess in its wake. Take the Spring Classics as a great example. They’re the toughest one day races of the season and not just down to the rough terrain, but the often grim conditions that come with them, leaving much of the peloton finishing – or not, covered in grit and grime. Muddy, exhausted and sometimes defeated, but better riders for suffering through it.

To up your motivation through the muddy season, how about giving Isadore’s Pretty Muddy Things Challenge x Factor a crack? All you need to do is sign-up on Strava, then complete and record 5 hours of riding between now and the 9th of April. By completing the challenge, you’ll not only feel better and fitter, you will also go in the draw to win an OSTRO VAM frameset that can be custom painted to your desire via the Prisma Studio. Other great prizes include; a set of Black Inc wheels, Factor race kits and tee’s, as well as three Isadore vouchers worth €500, €300, and €200! What better motivation than imagining yourself kitted out in some sweet gear while crushing your local bunch ride aboard the OSTRO VAM – our ‘everything’ machine that’s lightweight, comfy as and ticks all the aero boxes… Well worth getting a little muddy for in our minds.

And at the end of the day, we’ll all be winners as who actually ever regrets ride time? It’s often just getting out the door that’s the issue for most of us. Whether it’s chickening out due to a bit of rain or mud, getting side tracked and then running out of hours in the day, or simply not planning ahead for ‘you’ time on your bike. We’re all guilty of it and particularly when motivation isn’t at an all-time high through the less balmy months. So, if you’re up for the challenge, then it’s time to put your brave face on, throw out those old procrastination habits and hit the road, the dirt, or even the trainer for some good old fashioned care-free k’s. No regrets.

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