Relive Leadville with Factor

A breathless day at altitude on the LANDO

There are many reasons the Leadville 100 is among the most anticipated races of the year. The history, the beauty, the atmosphere, the altitude. Above all, the altitude. Situated at 10,152 feet, or 3094 meters, Leadville hosts one of the most challenging, fun-packed one-day mountain bike races in the world. And Factor was on the ground to capture it all.

Rocky Mountain High

When Europeans train at altitude, they are lucky to get above 2000 meters, or about 7000 feet. You have to go to the top of Mt. Teide on Tenerife to get anywhere near the altitude they race at the Leadville 100. Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US, and just walking around it can leave you a little out of breath, if you are not used to the altitude.

Factor had several sponsored athletes at the race, all with big ambitions to do well at the Leadville 100. Being among the races included in the Lifetime Grand Prix series only adds to the allure of the event. Heading into the race, Alexey Vermeulen stood in 4th place in the Lifetime standings, and was keen to improve on that if possible, by finishing top-10 at Leadville.

Like Vermeulen, Rob Britton, also a Factor sponsored rider, hoped to make the most of what would be his first experience of Leadville while Adam Roberge and Dylan Johnson looked to carry over their strong performances on Factor gravel bikes to this most competitive mountain bike event .

Factor on the ground and in the clouds

Since the Leadville 100 would be the first major event for the Factor LANDO HT, we sent a camera crew to get some firsthand images of the experience. With the region’s remarkable beauty, a gorgeous day for a race, and four charismatic guys to follow throughout , we had a great day of filming in Colorado.

We’ve teased part of the video already, but now’s your chance to get the full effect of what we captured. The enthusiasm of the event organizers is contagious and the love the community has for this race makes the Leadville 100 one of the greatest days you can ever hope to spend on a bike. Whether you want to race it or join the masses of fans on trailside, the Leadville 100 is an event every cycling fan should try to attend at least once.