Special Giro OSTRO VAM

Spotlighting Vini Fantini at the Giro

All cycling sponsors are highly appreciated by their teams, but it becomes extra fun when a sponsor also makes some of the most highly acclaimed wines in Italy. Vini Fantini has been a valued member of the Israel-Premier Tech group of sponsors for several years.

Vini Fantini is celebrated as the largest boutique winery in Italy, nurturing their collection of wineries to create authentic expressions of the grapes and local terroir. With an emphasis on sustainability and respecting the environment, Fantini’s wines have always been ahead of their times in terms of production values and flavor profiles.

Fantini’s founders understood from the beginning that they could only make great wines if they respected nature and helped to nurture a group of dynamic winemakers who shared that same mindset.

Celebrating Fantini origins

Based in Abruzzo, Fantini wines is especially proud to have the Giro d’Italia Gran Partenza taking place just a handful of kilometers down the coast from their hometown of Roseto deli Abruzzi. To celebrate this fact, Israel-Premier Tech will be racing the Giro in a specially designed jersey that highlights the team’s relationship with Fantini.

Designed by Élie Desgreniers of Premier Tech, the jersey draws inspiration from Fantini’s effervescent logo branding, with the circular dots rising from the bottom of the jersey. The wine red color combined with the deep blue at the shoulders speak to the rich tones not only from the wines produced by Vini Fantini wineries, but also the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, which has an essential impact on the terroir and resulting grapes.

An OSTRO VAM to match

Factor’s creative team has designed a special colorway for the Israel-Premier Tech team’s OSTROs at the Giro. With frame graphics to support the visual story behind the special edition jersey, the play of colors and geometric designs are emblematic of playful spumante bubbles and orderly vineyard rows. Similar to the jersey, the deep red and aqua blue represent the famous red wine Vini Fantini produces and the Adriatic Sea.

This OSTRO VAM Israel-Premier Tech Giro special is available for special order for a limited time. If you would like to add the unique design to your collection, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help. sales@factorbikes.com