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Black Inc Three Front Wheel

The Black Inc THREE is as close to a front disc while still being able to turn. The reduction in rotating spokes directly reduces the large surface area of the tri-spoke wheel, creating the sail effect and decreasing drag. OVERVIEW ....



Further enhancing the THREE’s aero efficiency, it can even add lift in some cases during real-world racing when the airflow deviates from the normal direction. This outcome is most likely to be seen during higher yaw airflows and gust conditions found during the many real world races such as Kona. In these conditions, where a standard spoke wheels begin to stall, the Black Inc THREE continues to thrive, giving you the maximum performance across a broad range of wind conditions and gusts.

Disc Brake Clincher Front Weight915 g
Disc Brake Clincher Rear Weight1030 g
Disc Brake Tubular Front Weight795 g
Disc Brake Tubular Rear Weight910 g